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5 Must-See Florida Destinations When Planning Your Next Trip

5 Must-See Florida Destinations When Planning Your Next Trip

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Planning a fun and eventful vacation can seem like a challenge if you have no idea where to go or if you feel as if you’ve already visited everywhere. However, there are some states where no matter how many times you visit, there is always something new to do and see. One such state is the Sunshine State, also known as Florida. 

With over 137 million out-of-state visitors entering Florida to see the sights in 2022, the percentage of visitors keeps increasing on a yearly basis. Get in on the action by planning a Florida trip to see five of the best destinations for travelers in the state. 

Packing Tips to Remember Prior to Settling on a Destination

Given that Florida is such a unique state compared to the other forty-nine making up the United States, learning to pack for a vacation to this state is crucial. To avoid a sunburn that ruins the rest of your vacation, while also packing for entertaining nights out, be sure to fill your suitcase with the following:

  • Your favorite pair of sunglasses
  • A sun visor or sun hat to protect your face
  • Water shoes
  • Walking sandals for the beaches
  • A light rain jacket or coat for the evenings
  • Lightweight layers for the day to be comfortable in the humidity
  • Sunscreen and more sunscreen

5 Best Spots to Vacation in Florida

With your suitcase packed and the general destination of Florida set, it’s time to start planning where in the state you want to travel. Below are some of the best destinations to consider when tossing ideas around: 

  1. Disney World

For fans of Disneyland in California, Disney World is an absolute must-see travel destination to consider. Despite opening after the death of Walt Disney, Disney World is far larger than Disneyland, which was the first park he opened. In fact, roughly 50 Disneyland’s can fit inside the space of Disney World, meaning everybody has something to do. 

Additionally, those looking to avoid staying in Orlando can consider Melbourne Beach rentals with short-term and long-term options that are just a quick drive away from the site of Disney World. 

  1. Miami

No Florida visit would be complete without visiting the party capital of the state. Miami is a city filled with vibrant night life and more beaches than you could ever imagine. Located on the southern tip of the state, visitors can bask in the sun while enjoying ocean views, before heading over to a beachfront bar to take a load off. 

  1. Key West

Key West sits at the southernmost part of the United States and is most notable of its watersports, nightlife, beaches, and unique architecture and culture. With fantastic food and many tourist spots to consider walking around in, no traveler will be bored in Key West Florida. Whether you want to lay down on a beach, go on a bar hopping tour, or simply become a tourist for the day, taking a trip to Key West can be a fantastic idea. 

  1. The Florida Everglades

For those with an adventurous side to them, the Everglades national park is 1.5-million acres of wetlands located on the southern tip of the United States. Consisting primarily of mangroves, swamps, marshes, and flatwoods, there are hundreds of animal species located within this major national park. Travelers here will never be bored but be cautious if you’ve never been before as there are a number of dangerous animals that travel around the Everglades. 

  1. The Remaining Florida Keys

The fifth and final must-see destination for travelers to Florida is related to another on this list. There are more keys in Florida than just Key West that offer entertaining night life and beach-lounging. In fact, there are around 800 keys in Florida that stretch over 180 miles long, meaning any person can make an entire trip centered around the keys alone. Going further, a person could plan multiple vacations to different parts of the keys to experience each. While some of the keys have very little to do, others are major tourist centers similar to Key West. 

Plan your dream Florida vacation today

The Sunshine State earned its name for a reason so any visitors to Florida need to be sure to bring sunscreen regardless of where they go in the state. With that said, each of the five destinations on the above list offers something unique to travelers that can make a Florida trip one to remember for years.