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5 Budget-Friendly Tips for Planning a Student Road Trip

5 Budget-Friendly Tips for Planning a Student Road Trip

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Planning to go on a road trip with your friends? Want to go and make some memories but are on a strict budget? Wondering how to plan a road trip with friends on a budget? Don’t worry – you can still have a great student road trip without burning holes in your pockets.

With meticulous college road trip planning and with the help of some money-saving hacks, you can be on the way to your new adventure.

When you are a college student, you have to study a lot. From writing essays on various topics to submitting the best research paper samples, your knowledge base needs to vast during college education.

As students, you shouldn’t study all the time. Plan a college road trip! Want to learn how to save money on a road trip? Let’s take a look at college road trips ideas for college road trip planning.

1. Choose Your Route

You know where you are going to and going from and you think you can figure out the rest along the way, right? Wrong! It is great that you know your destination, but you have to think about the route you are going to take on your way there.

You have to plan the fuel stops, overnight accommodation, etc. Moreover, you need to set out time to explore the lesser-known beauty spots and attractions along the route. This will help you maximize your experiences.

The answer to how to plan a road trip with friends becomes clear if you plan ahead. If you don’t choose your route and plan it beforehand, you could end up spending more money than you had anticipated.

The affordable B&Bs and hotels might be all booked and you would have to spend the night at an expensive place. If you are travelling in the countryside, this is even more important since there will be quite a few accommodations available.

Choose the best driving times while you are college road trip planning. Avoid rush hours as this will waste your time and your fuel.

2. Hire a Practical Vehicle

Another one of the college road trips ideas on how to save money on a road trip is getting an affordable car. The car you rent for the road trip is an essential part of your road trip and can be the most expensive thing on the trip, especially if you don’t put any thought into it. It is tempting to cruise in a classic drop-top, feeling the breeze in your hair and the sun on your skin.

However, this will cause a major dent in your budget and isn’t practical for a budget-friendly trip. On your student road trip, look for the following things in the car.

1. Diesel Engine

2. Manual Car

3. Good Mileage

If you are travelling by car, you will save up on money. However, you have to be responsible while driving a car. You need to know your limits and responsibilities when you are out on a road trip. Drive carefully and safely to prevent any unfortunate incidents.

The dashboard is the most visible part of the interior of your vehicle. Install a custom-fitted dash mat to provide a strong UV ray shield while also absorbing a lot of heat and lowering the air temperature in your vehicle. 

You can’t have alcohol if you are planning on driving. We all know that drunk driving has horrific implications and the examples & statistics in this drinking and driving essay reiterate this. Moreover, you can’t stay awake till late if you are planning on driving early in the morning.

3. Calculate the Costs Beforehand

Before you go on the trip, you need to break down all the costs beforehand. Calculate the price of the hired car, gas costs, etc. Know what the hotels or B&Bs charge on the way down. Moreover, you also have to keep the following costs in your mind.

1. Parking

2. Food & Drink

3. Cell Phone Charges

4. Accommodation

If you plan ahead, you would know how much money you need. Moreover, they will not be any nasty surprises and you will learn how to road trip cheap beforehand.

4. Pack Your Camping Gear

Why not camp around the countryside instead of staying at expensive hotels? You will definitely need the landowner’s permission but most people are accommodating if you don’t cause a lot of ruckus.

Camping for a couple of nights will not only save you money but will also allow you to connect with nature. Therefore, keep your camping gear with you, whether you plan on camping or not.

5. Search for Student Discounts

Thinking about how to road trip cheap? Student cards are great when it comes to discounts. From discounted travelling costs to free meals, look out for student discounts and avail them.

A little bit of research about how to save money on a road trip will tell you which places offer student discounts on your trip so that you would know beforehand where to buy affordable souvenirs and necessities from.

Budget-Friendly Tips for Student Road Trip – Final Word

Student life is the best time to have fun, make friends, and explore the world. Most of us think that travelling on a budget isn’t possible and keep wondering how to road trip cheap. However, this is a wrong perception and you can easily plan a budget-friendly student trip using the college road trips ideas that we have mentioned above.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned ideas will help you answer the question of how to plan a road trip with friends on a budget.

Happy Travelling, Folks!