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The Best South American Countries to Visit After Covid

The Best South American Countries to Visit After Covid

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Covid-19 has been terrible for the travel industry and for travel enthusiasts. With travel restrictions and safety precautions, traveling has been inconvenient and possibly dangerous. However, things are starting to clear up around the world, and with more countries easing restrictions, it’s just about time to start thinking about your post-Covid travel destinations. South America should be a popular option for many reasons. There is so much to see and do in South America, and it’s not that far away from the United States. Here are some of the top countries you should plan on visiting after Covid. 


Brazil is paradise for those who love stunning natural views. It’s a country on the ocean that also boasts rainforests and mountain ranges. Everywhere you look, there is beauty to behold. Rio de Janeiro is the crown jewel of Brazil, with world-class nightlife, and historical sites such as the huge Christ the Redeemer statue that you’ve no doubt seen in movies and television. If you head there in February, you can experience Carnival, when the streets become a masquerade party and samba is seemingly played on every corner. Brazilians are generally laid-back and fun-loving people, and you will no doubt enjoy your time. 


Argentina is primarily known for its natural beauty and its rich culture. Tourism tends to center around these two things. It is home to several types of topographical wonders, from hot rainforests to mountains, to glaciers and valleys. In between, there are huge swaths of flat plains and desert. In between hiking and climbing through these spots, you can relax and lounge on the beach at one of the many along the Argentinian coastline. Because it is so diverse, Argentina is almost like it is many countries in one. 

When planning an Argentina trip, there is a lot to consider, since you will not be able to get to it all. A prime destination is Iguazu Falls, which lies on the border with Brazil. Head down and experience the falls from the base in the Devils’ Throat, or enjoy the view from one of the viewing platforms along a 3 kilometer stretch of the falls. 

You should also plan to hit Buenos Aires. The huge cultural center of the country has modern art museums, a bustling nightlife, and historical monuments to important Argentinians. Buenos Aires is also the central traveling hub to reach the rest of the country to see what it has to offer. 


Ecuador is quite literally in the middle of the world. It’s name is derived from the fact that it is situated on the equator. Ecuador was seeing huge tourism gains in the years leading up to the pandemic, and there’s no reason to think that what was so attractive before won’t be again. It is a very safe country, so you can travel with very little fear of crime. The locals love visitors and showing off their small country to the rest of the world. 

One of the biggest attractions in Ecuador is the Galapagos Islands. You cannot get to them unless you travel through Ecuador. The islands are home to untouched and untamed wildlife that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. In many areas you can walk among them and they will treat you as a curiosity. The volcanoes offer exciting views and a hint of geological history which will make your hikes that much more memorable. The part of the Amazon rainforest that reaches into Ecuador also happens to have the most biodiversity in the world, so there is sure to be something to fascinate and delight you. 


There is so much more to Colombia than coffee, although the coffee is a great attraction as well. It is bursting at the seams with culture, festivals, and amazing food, among other things. The central hub of the country is Bogota, which has plenty of museums, nightclubs, shopping and dining. You can start there, and then branch out to the rest of the country to experience everything it has to offer. 

Coffee remains a huge part of Colombia’s economy, and with good reason. The “Coffee Triangle” is the region where most of Colombia’s coffee beans are grown. However, not only is it the hub for coffee-growing, but it offers amazing natural beauty. The climate is always warm and comfortable for your hikes to see wildlife, green valleys, and stunning mountain ranges. The region offers a plethora of places to hike, relax, and enjoy the best coffees in the world in its freshest possible state. 


While the wines of Chile don’t quite have the same reputation as Colombia’s coffee, it is still a prime destination for connoisseurs. Not only that, but Chile offers rugged hiking with beautiful views, and a robust culture and arts scene. 

While it is not as popular a beach destination as some other South American countries, Chile is a true hidden gem. It has a long stretch along the Pacific Ocean with beautiful sand and challenging surf spots. If you are looking for a diverse experience and an under-the-radar tourist experience, Chile is a great choice. 

It might not seem like it, but the ability to travel conveniently again is just around the corner. As the fears and restrictions related to Covid-19 start to fade, the tourism industry will start to grow again. If you are thinking about your first trip after the pandemic, South America is an amazing option with something for everyone.