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5 Ways to Stay Safe When You’re Walking Alone at Night

5 Ways to Stay Safe When You’re Walking Alone at Night

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Walking through the city at night may be dangerous. Sometimes we’re not looking for trouble, but trouble finds us. Instead of worrying every time we’ve headed somewhere alone, we need to take precautions and ensure we’re not harmed.

There are many tips to take for protecting yourself, and none of them requires years of practicing martial arts. Not everyone is a skilled fighter and can protect themselves, but some ideas will keep you out of serious problems if you use them.

In this article, we’re sharing five tips to keep you safe when walking through the city alone. If you want to avoid problems and injuries, you should use some of these practices. Take a look at them, and try to use at least a few of them when having your night walks through the city.

1. Wear a flashlight

There’s no question that you need to see where you’re going at night. There’s no need for someone else to be around and cause harm to you. Walking in the dark means not seeing a hole in the ground and injuring yourself just because you were not careful enough.

Instead, go shopping and find the best police flashlights on the market. They are the ones providing the best quality and the most brightness. Using these flashlights, you’ll not only be able to see where you’re headed, but even if someone tries to attack you, you have a useful weapon.

The light itself coming from the flashlight can be blinding to the attacker. The flashlight is made of durable materials and can also be used as a physical protection item. A knife may wound the attacker and kill them, but the flashlight can hurt them just enough to give you time to run away.

2. Have some pepper spray in your back pocket

Pepper spray is the best defensive item you could think of. It’s elegant and seamless to use. You have to take it out of the pocket, point it toward the attacker, and if they come close enough, spray them in the eyes.

The solution inside will instantly blind them and make them unable to do anything. If the attackers try to protect their eyes, they won’t be able to see what they are doing, so in both cases, you come out as a winner. Pack a small pepper spray bottle in your back pocket or your purse, and you can be sure that you’re safe.

3. Try the honk alarm

Some people love wearing an alarm within them. This is a simple item that will create a strong noisy sound when activated, getting most people’s attention. If there’s a police car around, they’ll surely hear the sound and rush to the scene.

The attackers will be confused and run away. You’ll alarm everyone that something’s happening where you’re located, and hopefully, someone else will come over to give you a helping hand.

4. Make sure you’re not visibly wearing anything valuable

A great piece of advice for everyone walking at night through the city’s streets is not to wear anything valuable. If you’re walking through a place where thieves are located, they may attack based on principle, but through neighborhoods where this is not common practice, you need to be careful how you present yourself.

A group of people standing on the street and having a conversation may not pose a threat. Still, if you look harmless and wear a thick golden necklace on yourself, some of them that may have a criminal record will see this as a perfect opportunity to get rich quickly.

Instead of provoking someone to do something to you, it’s wise to keep valuable items out of their eyes. Simply place them in the pocket or the purse until you’re in a safe place. Then put them back on so no one gets hurt.

5. Don’t get shortcuts where groups of people are located

Finally, avoiding the chance of getting jumped is the best thing to do when you’re walking through parts where danger lurks. If you see a group of people in front of you, simply turn around and go the other way. Spend a few minutes more walking a further distance than risking your life.

You can never know if those are your final life moments in these situations. You may get injured by a sucker punch badly enough never to stand up straight again, so avoid all possibly risky situations instead of being a hero.


These five points should protect you at night. Make sure you’re using some or most of these points listed above, and you’ll safely get from point A to point B at night. Avoid dangerous places and situations, but also wear some protection gear with you – pepper spray, a flashlight, or a sound alarm are all clever ideas.