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7 Features Socialities Look for in Costa Rican Villa Resorts

7 Features Socialities Look for in Costa Rican Villa Resorts

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Socialites love to make new friends and learn about new cultures. Few vacation destinations are as solid for these activities as trips to high-quality Costa Rican villa resorts. Here are just seven of the incredible features that socialities look for when examining their choices of Costa Rican villa resorts:

1. Luxury Club Offerings

When you’re taking an international vacation, you’re being given a perfect opportunity to explore a brand-new side of yourself. Why not share that adventure with other, brand-new friends? With many of the choices out there, you can get a Costa Rica villa that includes a chef, and a luxury club setting where you can enjoy your socially-thrilling dining. After you’ve had your fill of great cuisine, you can hop on over to an area with a more party-heavy feel, and start meeting fellow vacationers who will become your best friends during your time in beautiful Costa Rica. You’ll have a great time enjoying all the friendship, drinks, and food your villa has to offer.

2. Poolside Social Settings

A luxury Costa Rican villa is not complete without a comfortable, luxurious poolside area. Not only can you bathe in warm waters, but you can often swim up to bars, and order poolside food as well. If you’re looking to tan, socialize or simply enjoy a relaxing dip, you’ll be right at home in a quality villa resort. Many pools are designed for maximum aesthetic awe and comfort as well, which will make them that much more impressive. If you want a trip that’s out of this world, you need to invest in a trip to a top-tier Costa Rican villa resort.

3. Group Tours and Guides

If you want an excellent way to meet people and explore simultaneously, you’ll want to ask your villa’s full-time staff about possible group tours and guided adventures. You can explore the country’s coolest spots while staying safe, and making tons of new friends along the way. Every new tour you go on will have something unique to offer you, after all. Just make sure you let your concierge know about tours that sound interesting to you, and they can handle the rest (more on this later on).

4. Massage and Spa Services

Once you’ve met some new friends or a potential romance, you should take full advantage of the stellar massage and spa services your villa is sure to offer. Waxing, massages, manicures, and many other fantastic spa services will be at your disposal, so feel free to get adventurous. If you’ve never enjoyed a spa visit before, be ready to discover a new obsession. Thankfully, you’ll have the ability to enjoy the spa’s services at practically anytime while you’re staying at the Costa Rican villa resort of your choosing.

5. Gourmet Food Parites

Outside of your typical daily meals, many villa resorts offer full-resort parties where gourmet food and drinks are abundant. This hearty atmosphere is perfect for those that need a lively vibe to feel confident socializing. If you’re interested in being set up with some fellow resort goers, ask your concierge if they know of anyone looking for extra company. Doing so can help you put yourself out there, and allow you to find friends and comrades who will boost your Costa Rican villa vacation that much more.

6. Full-Time Maid Services

If you’re outside socializing, you won’t have time to constantly clean up after yourself. Due to this, villas take care of their customer by offering every party a full-time maid service. Not only can this allow you to relax to the fullest, but it will ensure that your room is always ready to host a party. With this possibility opened up, you can more easily become the life of the party at your villa resort.

7. Personal Concierge

Trying to handle all the plans revolving around transportation, tours, socializing, parties, and weekly events can be overwhelming. When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to do is become stressed about planning and staying in touch with current events happening on-site. Thankfully, quality Costa Rican villa resorts provide each guest with a personal concierge to handle these tasks. Sit back, tell them about your interests, and they will keep you both informed and prepared for all the best events on-site.

Time to Expand Your Dream Vacation

With new friends and acquaintances, you can take full advantage of all the amazing features and food your villa resort has to offer. Each of the seven qualities we’ve discussed above can help support you as you explore Costa Rica, and live out a dream vacation that you’ve been looking forward to for years.