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7 Travel Workout Ideas to Practice (No Equipment Needed)

7 Travel Workout Ideas to Practice (No Equipment Needed)

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It could be that you travel more often, thus the reason you do not visit your local gym more often. That should not be a reason why you do not work out. Have you ever heard of a travel workout?

You might be thinking, what is travel workout all about. Well, it is all about using your body weight to work out in the hotel room without the need for equipment. Since it is a bodyweight workout, you can even push yourself to the max and achieve the best shape you always want. 

7 Travel Workout Ideas to Practice on The Go

Travel workouts are meant to be easy and simple to include in your fitness program for that proper form without the exercise equipment. To your surprise, you might come across several exercises to try right now. That is what we want to look at below. 

Jumping Jacks 

Jumping jacks can come in handy during your business trip to work out the full body. Even if you are visiting family, you can exercise with jumping jacks so long as you can find enough space to jump. 

Your travel bag will be light since you do not have to carry anything for this workout. This strength training workout can help in boosting your metabolism and cardiovascular health. Make sure your next travel schedule also has this workout somewhere. 

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are some of the best to help with body workouts at no extra cost. The best part is that the workout would help improve agility, coordination, balance, and circadian rhythm. If you have your running shoes on with a bit of space, they can be done easily. 

Mountain climbers can also be good for fat loss. Increased metabolism and burning of fat can lead to more energy. You never have to think of the gym while traveling to stay fit. 

Crunches and Plank

Having three rounds or 10 reps of crunches and plank workout would definitely be good for your back. Some recommend such an exercise as a back burner with no weights.

Crutches will largely work out your abdominals while the plank workouts target the core and back. When you can do these two exercises more often, you can improve your endurance. 

Push Ups

Doing push-ups up to 20 reps would be highly recommended to have in your workout routine. Of course, you can have some rest and keep going if you still have the energy.

Push-ups are essential for enhancing your health and strength. The good thing about this exercise is that it can be done anywhere with ease. It can be a good workout to get rid of jet lag on the travel day and get ready for your business trip. 

Health Canal specialists recommend you have to make sure that you are doing the push-ups correctly to get all the benefits.

Start by placing your hands on the ground under your shoulders. Keep the toes pushed firmly into the ground to stabilize the lower body. Lower the body slowly to the floor while keeping the back flat. You must maintain a straight line from your toe to your head. Hold the low position for a second and return to the starting position. Repeat 20 times to get a good workout. 


Lunges are generally simple exercises, but they can have complete improvement of your spine health. That is not all; they can also balance and improve your core stability. Most people who focus on lunges end up with better coordination too. Learning about it would make you want to integrate lunges into your travel life. 


Burpees will not take more than five minutes to get into your routine. Even if you spend one minute or several on the exercise, it is a matter of effort. Always challenge yourself to do more reps to improve your health. 

The work of burpees is to improve your shape and build muscles too. Those who try out burpees always improve coordination, balance, and burn more calories easily. 


Squats are some of the most common types of vacation workouts you can try out anywhere in the world. Squats will be good for workout your hips, hamstrings, thighs, quadriceps, and buttocks. They might not always be the easiest for some people, but you can have fun doing them. 

So, how do you do squats?

Start in a standing position with the feet apart. Keep the feet shoulder-width apart to align the body better. Proceed to lower the body as low as you can while bending only your knees. Also, you will be pushing with your hips while keeping the back straight.

Hold the low position for a second or two and get back to the standing position. Repeat the process again. 

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

Workout on vacation is just one way of improving fat loss. There are other things you need to know about keeping yourself in shape, and food is one of them. So, how would you eat healthy while traveling?

  • Look for healthier options on the menu. You might be tempted to try out many other food types since it is a new place, but sometimes stick to what you know is healthy. 
  • Also, stick to having regular mealtimes. Of course, you should fill the plate with the right portion sizes. 
  • We recommend that you take plenty of fiber and high-protein foods. Keep your carb low.
  • You should always stay hydrated. This would help curb the craving for junk food plus other benefits associated with taking enough water.
  • Eat goods that promote satiety. This means you would not have to keep eating more often. As such, your workouts will not go to waste. 
  • With the option of getting an AirBnB, it is possible to cook your meals while traveling. So, you might want to consider it generally. 


Looking at the different vacation workouts, such as alternating step-ups and others mentioned above, shows just it would be possible to handle them with ease. All the workouts simply need your body weight as resistance. This means no need for expensive equipment or having to pack some minimalized workout contraptions. So, you can remain healthy even if you are always on the road.