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Current Innovations in Motorcycle Safety

Current Innovations in Motorcycle Safety

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Motorcycle crashes are a significant cause of death in the United States. In 2020 alone, motorcycle accidents accounted for about 5,579 fatalities and over 82,000 injuries, according to NHTSA. 

The possible explanation for the high number of injuries and fatalities in motorcycle crashes is that motorcycles provide little protection against impacts during crashes. Riders are also less visible to other road users, especially at night and in poor weather conditions. 

The good news is that embracing modern motorcycle safety innovations can help you stay safe on the road. 

Anti-Lock Brakes

In the past, when riders needed to brake suddenly, they had to rely on their own skill and judgment to avoid locking up the wheels. If a rider is not skilled enough or is too close to an obstacle, the bike can stop abruptly, throwing them off balance and causing injury.

Thankfully with the introduction of Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS), emergency stops are no longer a problem for riders. The ABS brakes work by forcing the wheels to pump faster, thus preventing lock-ups and skids.

Smart Helmets

Before, all a rider needed was a helmet strong enough to protect their brain and skull from severe injuries during crashes. But technological innovations have raised the safety of helmets a notch higher. 

High-end motorcycle helmets now feature intelligent systems such as GPS and built-in cameras. While these features can’t reduce the accident’s impact, they can help you record all your activities on the road, including accidents. 

That means you can use the footage to show that you were not to blame for an accident when pursuing compensation for damages suffered. 

The GPS tracking feature can also help emergency services locate you in the aftermath of a severe crash that leaves you unconscious. This system can be particularly beneficial if you love riding offroad. 

LED Lighting

Unlike vehicles, motorcycles are the most deadly form of transportation because they are less visible to other motorists. The risk of a crash increases if you are riding at night, in foggy weather, or any unclear weather condition. 

Besides adding an alluring touch to your bike, LED lighting can help you stay visible during the day and in unclear road conditions. LED lights can also come in handy in case your headlight stops working. 

Airbag Inserts in Vests and Jackets

For years, motorcyclists have relied on leather jackets with padding on the elbows to reduce impact during severe road crashes. But currently, you can take your safety to a new level by acquiring a vest or jacket with airbag inserts. 

Riding jackets and vests with airbag inserts rely on sensors that deploy instantly in the event of a crash. They effectively reduce impact and protect the chest and other vital body organs. 

Automated Clutches and Stability Control

From shifting gears to accelerating to braking during challenging road circumstances, a lot can make you lose focus and stability when riding a motorcycle.

The good news is that automatic clutches, a relatively new development, can help ease the process of shifting gears, especially for newer riders. This can help you avoid accidental stalls and make it easier to keep the bike under control, even at high speeds. 

Flexible Impact Technology Boots

Flexible Impact Technology (FIT) is a motorcycle safety gear designed to absorb and dissipate impact energy. The technology can help protect your feet and legs from severe injuries during a crash. 

FIT boots are made with various materials, including Kevlar and carbon fiber. That means they are often lighter than traditional motorcycle boots, making them more comfortable to wear for long periods.