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Dog Travel Checklist: What You Should Pack

Dog Travel Checklist: What You Should Pack

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Are you going on vacation but don’t want to leave your loyal companion behind? Take them with you! Just make sure you pack all of their essentials so they can travel comfortably alongside you. 

Here are four must-have items you need to take with you, regardless if you’re traveling by car or airplane.

1. Medical Records 

Before taking off, make sure your dog is up to date on their shots. Schedule a vet visit for a checkup, and make sure to order any necessary medication. Pack these alongside their medical records. If you’re traveling by air, a health certificate will be required.

Is your pet an emotional support animal (ESA)? The process of traveling with them is a bit different. You still want to pack their medications and medical records and schedule a checkup for them. However, you’ll need to carry proper documentation with you, including an ESA letter.

Is your pet not yet registered? Learn how to register an emotional support animal here.

2. Plenty of Food and Water

Pack enough food, water, and snacks for the entire trip and then some. If you’re traveling by car, prevent your pet from feeling carsickness by having them travel on an empty stomach. Be sure to give them plenty of water until it’s time to eat. 

3. Comfortable Crate

Don’t let your dog stick its head out of the window, as it can lead to eye injuries. Instead, keep them safe by having them travel in a crate. Crating ensures their safety in the car, and it’s required for airline travel. 

Consider these features when purchasing a comfortable crate: 

  • Make sure it’s large enough for your pet to stand, turn, and lie down. 
  • There needs to be ventilation on opposing sides.
  • We suggest a crate with a leak-proof bottom. 
  • You will be carrying this crate around, so make sure it offers a sturdy grip. 

Place a mat, a couple of toys, and some water in the crate. Your dog is almost ready to go!

4. Leash and Collar

Keep your furry friend by your side by keeping them on a leash. This decreases the chances of them getting away from you on the trip. Not to mention, some places have strict leash laws. 

If they happen to get away from you, it will help if they’re wearing a collar with an identification tag. The tag should include your name and phone number. 

Last-Minute Tips 

Dogs are great travel companions, but you need to think ahead about their travel needs. Keep the above in mind when packing for you and your furry friend. To top this checklist off, here are some last-minute tips to consider: 

  • Don’t ever leave your dog inside the car unattended.
  • If your pet is in a crate, make sure fresh air is flowing into the crate at all times.
  • Take frequent breaks to let your pet stretch and take a potty break.

With this in mind, you’re ready to hit the road with your loyal companion. Safe travels!