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How to Stream While Traveling?

How to Stream While Traveling?

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In the Twitch world, all the game is about followers. The more followers you have, the more famous you can be and the more income you can generate. So, it all starts with getting followers. Of course, you can make things easy by buying free Twitch followers. Then, no one would ask how you got the count to thousands. But, hey, what’s the point if they’re not engaging?

The fame and income part of the equation will only be complete once your audience watches the streams. And what guarantees their views? Quality and exciting streams! That said, the travel & outdoor category has recently started gaining momentum. People love this new way of traveling, where they can experience different cultures through others.

However, maintaining viewers’ interest as well as quality while traveling can be difficult. Lucky for you, there are ways to battle the problem. Let’s discuss them in detail below!

Research the Place

First things first, it’s always a good idea to research the place you’re traveling to. Learn about their culture, norms, and ethical standards. It can be a huge issue if you start streaming on the streets, and it causes distress to the people around you. Or worse, you joke about something the locals are sensitive about. We certainly don’t want to do that!

Pack High-Quality Streaming Essentials

Your streaming setup at home might be massive. But you cannot possibly take it all on your travels. So, the next thing to do is sort out the essential gear-  a high-quality camera and microphone. You will be in a constantly moving position abroad, so make sure your equipment can help you broadcast quality streams to your audience.

Market & Promote Your Streams

A great way to ensure people watch your live streams is to create hype about it. Immediately inform your community about the upcoming “interesting” streams. Also, post on all social media handles. You can also reach out to famous Twitch streamers in the city you’re traveling to and collaborate with them. Ask whether it would be possible to meet or do a live stream together. This will give you exposure to their audience and increase your views.

Decide What You’ll Do

Planning will work wonders for you. Think about the types of streams you will do and how many times. Note that the time differences between countries mean you might not be able to stream the way you do at home. You will have to change the timings and frequency so that neither you nor the audience get annoyed. Also, since you’ll be on vacation, talk things out with your traveling partners and let them know when/how you plan to do live streams. This will ensure everything goes smoothly.

Get a Strong Internet Connection

A stable and strong internet connection will be hard to find in foreign countries. You might not even have access to public Wi-Fi in some places. So, arrange a pocket Wi-Fi device beforehand. Pocket Wi-Fi refers to a portable and wireless modem. It connects any Wi-Fi-compatible gadget to the internet via the mobile telephone network. Using this, you can remain assured that the streams won’t have many glitches and disruptions.