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99 things every seasoned traveler knows

99 things every seasoned traveler knows

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Traveling isn’t the best school; it’s actually better than school because it teaches you flexibility, humility and the art of not giving a sh*t.

Here are 99 things you, as a seasoned traveler, have probably already discovered on the road. If not, it’s time to catch up!

1. Traveling is good for your mental and physical health.

2. Traveling only changes you when you take every step mindfully.

3. You shouldn’t count miles covered, but rather friends made while you’re on the road.

4. You can eat, drink, visit museums and spend the night for free almost everywhere in the world.

5. The locals, not the travel guides, know where the best food is. You just have to ask them.

6. You can hitchhike on a bicycle in Amsterdam.

7. Experimenting is the best way to discover your new passion.

8. You can sleep in a medieval church in England.

9. You probably suffer from dromomania, but you actually enjoy the feeling.

10. The best natural shower is a waterfall.

11. You should always research what clothes to bring when you visit a country for the first time.

12. When you travel with your better half, you should not be glued to each other all the time (but you should still go out on dates).

13. Even when the situation looks completely hopeless, a miracle can save you.

14. If you don’t speak the language, a friendly smile is internationally understood.

15. You can visit a place 10 times with 10 different travel companions and it will be a completely different experience every single time.

16. You should know the difference between trattoria, ristorante and osteria when you want to have a bite in Italy.

17. Traveling makes you more thankful.

18. There’s a free app that scans the paintings in galleries and tells you their stories.

19. Keeping in touch with your family makes them happy.

20. Whatever you need, wherever in the world you are, local taxi drivers always know the solution.

21. Sleeping in a bed gets boring at times and you feel the urge to swap it for a hammock, treehouse or floating bungalow.

22. Mishaps on the road make you more resilient.

23. Spending time in a forest is beneficial for your body and mind. The Japanese know this, and they even have a word for it: shinrin-yoku.

24. Sometimes being alone is better than being with someone who is not on the same wavelength as you.

25. You meet the most extraordinary people when you least expect it.

26. There are towns without a single street in this world.

27. Sometimes you just need a day of doing absolutely nothing – no attractions, no museums, no new people. On days like these, staying snug in bed is better than anything the outside world can offer.

28. If you can’t wake up to see the sunrise, it’s better not to go to bed at all.

29. Doing something you’d never usually do is the best way to expand your personal boundaries.

30. A rainy day doesn’t mean a lost day.

31. When you miss a train/plane, life might be about to offer you an interesting opportunity in return.

32. Getting angry won’t get you anywhere. Especially when crossing an international border.

33. The best discoveries are made when you get lost (sometimes on purpose).

34. Bringing postcards from your hometown is always a good idea. You always meet adorable people on the road, and even a small gift can make their day.

35. There are certain days in the year when seeing a shooting star is not a matter of chance, it’s almost certain.

36. Eating plane food is usually a bad idea.

37. Sleeping at the airport can be comfortable if you bring a blanket, a sleeping mask and headphones.

38. Speaking in a foreign language really is easier when you’ve washed down a beer. It’s proven.

39. It’s okay to pinch pennies for food and then splurge on a five-star luxury hotel. Everyone has their guilty pleasures. Don’t judge.

40. Life feels brighter when you have an upcoming trip.

41. You can travel for months with only one pair of shoes.

42. There are plenty of ways to turn an average picnic into a creative feast.

43. Even if you visit the same destination over and over again, it will be a completely different trip every time.

44. When traveling with your better half, it’s a good idea to leave time for doing your own thing and giving each other some space.

45. You’d better bring a little bubble wrap in your suitcase to protect that expensive bottle of wine you’re bringing home with you.

46. You only need a stick to determine north, east, south and west if you’re lost in the wilderness.

47. Hitchhikers always have amazing stories to tell.

48. If you plan to shop til you drop on your next trip, you can leave with an empty suitcase and return with a full one.

49. There are better presents to bring home than souvenirs.

50. The best places to eat are usually two blocks away from the city center, have no English menu and are packed with locals.

51. Paying by card abroad can be cheaper than withdrawing money from ATMs; remember to check with your bank before you leave on your trip.

52. When you’re too busy to travel, even your lunch break can be an awesome opportunity to do something fun.

53. You can have no money and see the world. You can have billions and still stay at home, ignorant.

54. If you hang out with your more adventurous friends, you’re more likely to try extreme experiences. It’s proven.

55. It’s fun to pretend you’re a tourist in your own city. You can even speak in a foreign language.

56. Shipwrecks are not always underwater.

57. Whenever you’re in despair because you think there’s nothing exciting coming your way, an adventure happens.

58. Sometimes, you need to give up on comfort if you desperately want to visit a place you can’t afford.

59. Reaching a mountain peak is worth opening a bottle of champagne. We always do.

60. There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ destinations; only destinations you are in the mood for.

61. There is always a way to skip the lines, wherever you are.

62. People would travel more if they were less afraid. People would be less afraid if they traveled more.

63. Going to the same restaurant day after day will inevitably bring you 1) new friends and 2) free desserts.

64. Sometimes you have to accept that you are going to remain dirty and stinky for some time.

65. A ‘five-star hotel’ can meet very different things in different countries.

66. Doing nothing is an art in some countries (like, hmm, Italy).

67. Holidays are sometimes more fun if you tweak them. Like spending Christmas in the desert.

68. The best time to fly is in the morning, because morning flights are the least likely to be delayed.

69. You should leave at least three hours for transfers between flights.

70. Packing light spares you a lot of trouble.

71. Bad weather doesn’t necessarily mean a bad trip.

72. They have free sparkling water fountains on the streets of Paris.

73. If you share your travel hacks with too many people, they will eventually stop working.

74. The same goes for those stunning secret corners of the world you discover and share pictures of… then everybody flocks there and the spot is spoiled forever.

75. Food is one of the best ways to discover a country.

76. If you can’t travel, you can become a local guide in your city and invite the world to visit you.

77. When you travel abroad, always take a few souvenirs or postcards from your country to give as gifts to locals you meet during your travels.

78. Some of the greatest beaches in the world are in the middle of busy cities.

79. A surprise trip is always a good idea for a gift.

80. Bartering for a night at a guesthouse in exchange for a photo shoot or a couple of books is actually a thing!

81. Every road you take will eventually lead you back home.

82. People change when they gather around a campfire.

83. Walking in nature kills negative thoughts.

84. A year-long journey could start with a casual Saturday talk.

85. The Gates of Hell are real, and we can access them on Earth.

86. You don’t have to be Bear Grylls to embark on an adventure. A mini-adventure counts, too.

87. You should never work during your vacation.

88. Traveling with a cause makes the whole experience more fulfilling.

89. Learning a few phrases in the local language always makes the locals more friendly and ready to help you.

90. Spontaneous trips often make the best stories.

91. The less often you check your phone, the happier you are.

92. You can live without your phone. You just didn’t know it until you lost your iPhone in the jungles of South Asia.

93. Your hometown is an exciting tourist destination, too.

94. You know where to find hundreds of tulip varieties in the Netherlands.

95. It’s sometimes cool to switch off all your electronic devices and spend a weekend completely offline.

96. Traveling is more interesting if you add some creative challenges to to your trip.

97. Small towns and villages without tourist attractions tend to have a special place in your heart because you are forced to find creative ways to have fun.

98. If you listen to a song regularly during a trip, it will remind you of that destination for the rest of your life.

99. Saying “yes” more often is the secret to an amazing life adventure!