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How To Plan The Perfect Road Trip Around California

How To Plan The Perfect Road Trip Around California

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You know what they say, there’s no place like home. But sometimes it feels like the only thing missing in your life is a vacation. You need to get away from everything and recharge your batteries with some time off. And if you ask most people, California is one of the best places to go for that perfect escape! There are so many awesome things about this state that you just can’t pass up on seeing while you’re there. From the redwood forest to Hollywood, San Francisco, or even Yosemite National Park, it’s all waiting for you, and we want to give you a little help planning out your trip beforehand! So read this article before making any plans, and we’ll make sure it goes smoothly! 

1. Start At The Beach

If you’re taking a road trip around California, it only makes sense to start at the beach! People come here for so many reasons since there are so many different types of beaches in California, but they all have one thing in common, they’re beautiful! So why not start your journey right where everyone else does? As the people behind RVezy’s site suggest, you’ll want to spend at least two days here because you’ll want to get to know these places before leaving them behind. What better way than spending half of your vacation on the beach itself while the other half exploring somewhere else? It’s like an extended weekend without actually having to take time off work… whatever works for you! If anything, it should be a nice teaser for your road trip all the way to California!

2. Visit The Bay Area

The next destination along your trip is going to be right in San Francisco! This is probably one of the most iconic places in all of California, so you’re going to want to stop here and take a few pictures with the Golden Gate Bridge. But there are a couple of things you have to know before going here, though. For starters, this area has one of the most expensive housing markets in America, so it might not be a great idea to go house hunting while you’re there. On top of that, parking can be absolutely outrageous too if you don’t plan ahead. So if you want to avoid all the traffic and parking lot mayhem, we’d advise taking a short trip on public transit. Overall this is going to be a great place to visit while you’re in California, so don’t skip it if you can help it!

3. Take A Trip Into The Mountains

Another of our favorite places along the road from San Francisco to Los Angeles is going to have to be Yosemite National Park! There’s just something majestic about being inside one of these giant redwood forests that makes everything feel alive again. Unfortunately, since these trees are somewhat protected, there aren’t any national parks within driving distance from each other, but they’re still absolutely worth seeing while you’re here in California! But remember when we told you to check the weather before leaving on your road trip? Well, it’s important here too. If you’re going in spring, make sure to get there early because it usually gets pretty busy towards late morning and midday. But if you can’t stand not having a perfect Instagram picture or seeing all of the beautiful waterfalls, we totally get it! Just try to avoid summer, since Yosemite National Park is actually open year-round, so this would be an especially bad time for that overcrowded experience we just mentioned.

4. Make Your Way Over To L.A.

Now that you’ve hit up all of our favorite places along the way from San Francisco to Los Angeles, we might as well tell you about some more things to look forward to! The first one is just about 45 minutes outside of L.A., and that would be the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Now, there are a few things you should know about here before telling your kids they’re going to Disneyland… For starters, it’s not really Disney but instead an array of different TV shows and movie studios along these famous sidewalks. This means if you happen to be hoping for Mickey Mouse to make an appearance, this isn’t the place for you! But it still manages to give off that same magical feeling because hey, it’s the next best thing, right? We also recommend bringing plenty of coins with you because where else are you going to find a better souvenir store than something dedicated entirely to Hollywood?

5. Cruising Down The Pacific Coast Highway

Now, before you continue on your journey across California, we have one last place to tell you about! It’s usually right at the end of most people’s road trips, so it makes it even more fun for us. And that place is the Pacific Coast Highway! It’s basically a giant stretch of road all along California, where it hugs the coastline and takes you through some pretty cool small towns, too. Now let us just say this in advance… You’re going to want to avoid this during spring break or summertime because then that means traffic jams are involved. That being said though, if you can manage to time things correctly, visiting the Pacific Coast Highway will be one of the best experiences of your life! So you might want to stock up on some of those snacks before heading out since it’s going to be a long ride.

6. Get Ready To Explore San Diego

The next big city on our list is going to be San Diego, which you’ll find lying right at the southernmost part of California’s coastline! Now, if you’re a fan of Sea World and all that other aquatic nonsense, then this is definitely a place for you to check out. But let us tell you something real quick about this place before we get into the really good details. You’re going to want to stay away from it during wintertime, or else your car might suffer from it. We say this because snowbirds (seasonal residents) flock here like crazy since its sunny weather is probably one of the biggest draws compared to everywhere else in America. Whatever season you come during though, you’ll still find plenty of fun things to do like visiting the Zoo, checking out some museums, or even catching a game at any one of their sports stadiums! All in all, there’s no shortage of stuff to do here, so if you’re looking for an escape with loads of sunshine, then come on down.

We hope this article has helped you plan the perfect California road trip that will be memorable for all of the right reasons. From iconic landmarks to beautiful destinations, there is plenty of adventure waiting for you in every corner! Just make sure to avoid these few pitfalls when packing your bags and enjoy your time exploring this amazing state.