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5 ways to rediscover your hometown

5 ways to rediscover your hometown

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We challenge you: Fall in love again with your hometown

Do you ever catch yourself getting jealous of someone you don’t even know over a picture they posted from a place you haven’t even heard of? If the answer is yes, this probably means that your wanderlust has been sparked and it needs to be fed right at the moment. But instead of packing your bags and booking the first flight, try becoming a tourist in your own hometown and rediscover it.

Here are five ideas how to do it:

1. Invite a friend from another city

The biggest advantage here is that they will look at the town from a tourist’s perspective and see some positive things about it that you haven’t seen before. Maybe they will even change your perception of certain things. In the end, you will take pride in living in a town you know people enjoy visiting.

2. Get a souvenir from your own hometown

If you love to travel, the chances are you take some kind of souvenir from the places you visit. Whether it is a classic choice like fridge magnet, or something more non-traditional like stones or even a recipe for a traditional meal, spend some time roaming around your own city to find one you really like. You can keep it for yourself or send it to a friend.

3. Recreate a childhood memory

What makes hometowns so special are the memories we have in them. A pastry shop your parents used to take you to or a park in which you used to play with your friends – those places are sure to bring a smile to your face while you recollect the good old days.

4. Discover the story behind a monument

Next time you pass that intriguing monument, beautiful old building or even a street with a strange name try to get as much information about it as you can – who did it, why and when. It is very likely that an inspiring story or legend is waiting for you to discover it.

5. See the town from a bird’s eye view

Search for an extreme sports club that offers paragliding or light aircraft flights nearby. You will glance at your town from an angle you never thought you could and have an experience of a lifetime. Another option could be the observation deck of a tall building or even from the roof of your own place. At the end of the day – inviting a couple of friends over to watch the sunset from the roof with a drink in hand is always a good idea.

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