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18 unusual lunch break ideas to restart in a creative way

18 unusual lunch break ideas to restart in a creative way

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The challenge: do something unusual in your lunch break this week!

Sometimes, in your lunch break, you’re in the mood to do something way more adventurous than eating lunch at your desk or hopping to the nearest coffee shop for a vanilla latte. We’re here to shower you with ideas so you know what to do during these rare moments of enlightenment.

Here’s our list of cool, weird and extraordinary things to do during your lunch break, so you can restart your mind at midday.

#1 Visit a museum or a gallery.

#2 Go to the movies.

#3 Organize a small reunion with a college friend whom you haven’t seen for years.

#4 Challenge your liver with a wine-tasting session (only to be attempted if you have a very cool boss).

#5 Visit a festival.

#6 Go to a faraway neighborhood to have lunch at a particular restaurant.

#7 Join a free tour of your city and learn new facts about where you live.

#8 Sweat it out in the gym.

#9 Go into a shop you would never enter and take a look around. Ask the shop assistant about what they sell and delve into details. This is a tiny exercise to help you expand your world.

#10 Join an art class and create something with your own hands.

#11 Meditate in a quite place.

#12 Go to church.

#13 Go for a walk amid nature – it’ll do wonders for your mental health.

#14 Go to the beach.

#15 Ride your bike (and listen to this perfectly themed playlist of cycling songs).

#16 Take a careful look at the menu and order something you would normally skip.

#17 Volunteer.

#18 Every weekday, go to a different place to eat, but order the same meal (like, pizza Margherita or Cesar salad). Rate every dish from 1 to 10 and then go back to the place where you had the best one to congratulate the staff.

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