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This is exactly how walking in nature kills negative thoughts [INFOGRAPHIC]

This is exactly how walking in nature kills negative thoughts [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Leave all the stress behind and live a happy, careless life! If only! Easy to say, but hard to accomplish.

Recent studies show, however, that by adding a small habit in your life, you can significantly reduce stress and decrease negative thoughts. Walking in nature is found to decrease the flow of blood to the area of the brain linked to mental illness. The three main mental health benefits from exercising in nature are:

1. It reduces stress

2. It works as an antidepressant – Walking in nature every day has been shown to be as helpful in helping manage depression as antidepressants, in those with mild cases.

3. It decreases negative thoughts – A recent study by Stanford found that participants saw an decrease in negative thoughts and an increase in their cognitive function after walking in nature.

Learn more about the recent research on the topic in this infographic:

The infographic was created by Physiomed.