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12 creative travel ideas to make 2020 a year to remember

12 creative travel ideas to make 2020 a year to remember

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New Year’s resolutions are so old-school. This year, pose yourself these 12 creative travel challenges to make sure you have a fulfilling and interesting 12 months ahead.

1. January: organize a surprise trip for someone you love

It might be for a special occasion, like their birthday. Or you might want to surprise them just because.

Here’s a detailed plan for how to organize a surprise trip in less than 30 minutes.

Morning on the road | PicJumbo

2. February: travel for free

It’s not as hard as it sounds to travel for free. We’ve covered the topic in detail in our article How to travel for free (without feeling like a tramp).

3. March: head on a mystery trip

The only things you will know before your mystery trip are the starting point and your budget. Then 1) hop on the first bus and get off at a random stop, or 2) take the first cheap flight at the airport, or 3) blindfold a friend and let them give directions while you are driving (please make sure that YOU are driving, not your blindfolded friend).

4. April: go for more nature walks

Walking in nature is good for your physical and mental health (look at this infographic for more details), so why not put aside a little ‘me time’ this April and go to the nearest wilderness/forest/mountain every weekend?

5. May: travel solo

Because everyone needs to travel alone at least once a year to replenish their inner world and return to themselves.

Spend some quality ‘me time’ on the road | PicJumbo

6. June: for a week, do something unusual during your lunch break

Visit a museum, go to a yoga class, indulge in a wine-tasting session, go to the movies, meet a friend from your college years or do any other unusual activity that comes to your mind.

7. July: swap your bed for a hammock for at least one night in the summer. On a weekday.

Now, the second part is more important, because it’s not such a big challenge to do this on the weekend. But what a refreshing experience it is to spend the night in a hammock somewhere around the city (you can hang a hammock basically anywhere) and then, after having your well-earned morning coffee, go back to the office with a silly grin on your face. We did it last summer; here’s what happened.

8. August: bathe in a waterfall

Nothing is better than a free shower from nature. Here are a few of the best waterfalls to take a dip in the USA.

9. September: confront one of your fears

Think about one of your greatest fears, take a teeny-tiny step to overcome it. Then another one. Aaaand another one. Push your limits as far as you can.

10. October: you’re gonna like this – spend a whole day enjoying the sweetness of doing nothing.

Or as the Italians call it, il dolce far niente. There’s no need to run around the world crossing countries off your bucket list all the time. Just slow the f* down and practice dolce far niente for a whole day.

11. November: embrace the bad weather

Choose a day with bad weather and force yourself to go outside into nature. You’ll need to follow a few important rules to actually enjoy this. 1. Dress according to the weather (there’s no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing). 2. Take a flask full of hot tea. 3. Take photos, or simply observe the world around you. Observing is delightful.

12. December: spend Christmas like never before

This could mean anything from ‘go to Lapland to meet Santa in person’ to ‘go to a Bedouin desert camp on Christmas Eve’.

Read our list of cool unusual things to do this Christmas.