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South America Calling: Top 3 Destinations

South America Calling: Top 3 Destinations

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Ever dreamed of setting your foot on this enigmatic continent? South America has sparked the imagination of travelers from all over the world.

And for a good reason. From breathtaking natural wonders to a unique culture and wild adventures, a trip to the continent is an otherworldly experience to stay in your memories for a long time.

Convinced it`s high time to visit South America? Here`re our personal top three of inspiring destinations on the continent:

South America

#1 Ecuador

“It`s impossible to forget the majestic silhouette of the mountains. The sun. The colorful food that satisfies all the senses – I miss them so much.”, told me Tatiana, my native Colombian friend, who used to live in Ecuador.

Ecuador offers travelers a chance to climb the summit of an active volcano with the impressive height of 5,897m. Cotopaxi is located only 50 km south of Ecuador`s capital Quito. But bear in mind that the volcano has erupted more than 50 times since 1738.

Still hungry for adventures? Explore the region of Salinas de Guaranda or head to the Amazon Basin, where you can meet isolated tribes like Huaorani, Shuar, and the Afro-Ecuadorian minority.


#2 Costa Rica

It`s a go-to destination for all nature lovers. Despite its small territory, Costa Rica is among the top 20 most biodiverse countries in the world. The country boasts nearly half a million species, representing 4 percent of the planet`s biodiversity. Observe rare birds like the black-crowned night heron and the snake bird and meet in person the charming 3-toed sloth and the spider monkey, among other species.


Don`t miss a chance to wander around the biggest rainforest in the country (La Amistad International Park) that stretches on almost 200,000 hectares. But beware: the park is home to the threatened by extinction jaguars!


Supplement your trip with a cultural element, and explore the isolated Talamanca region. It`s inhabited by indigenous people who managed to resist the Spanish colonization because of the region`s far-off and hard to access location.

#3 Chile

A land of contrasts, Chile will charm you with its vibrant capital Santiago, the graceful Valparaíso, and quirky cities like La Serena and Iquique.

Want to go stargazing in a desert? No problem. Go to the Atacama. Into the mood for an epic road trip? Lose yourself deep into the Elqui Valley. Driving across side roads leading to volcanoes and plains along the Bolivian border is also a must for the adventure-seekers.

Atacama desert

Excited about getting to the heart of South America? We challenge you: explore this captivating continent and share your pics and experiences in the comments down below!