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9 fun picnic ideas for an unforgettable day

9 fun picnic ideas for an unforgettable day

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International Picnic Day is celebrated every year on June 18. Choosing this date or any other day, we encourage you to get more creative with your al fresco event using our ideas as inspiration:

Have a sunrise picnic

Get up early to welcome the day with scenic views and positive vibes.

Have a beach picnic

To avoid the midday heat ruining your experience, go early in the morning or late in the evening, and don’t forget to bring a beach umbrella for shade.

Have a picnic outside the city

Grab a few friends and head on a drive outside the city to enjoy a picnic in fresh surroundings.

Play your favorite childhood games

Do you miss kites, skipping and everything that brought a smile to your face back in the day? This is the perfect chance to rediscover your inner child.

Prepare some fancy food

Everyone can bring sandwiches, but how about some shrimp or sushi and some fine wine?

Have a candlelit picnic

Because candles can make every moment a bit more special.

Bring different national dishes

Ask each of your friends to prepare traditional food from a different nation’s cuisine.

Have a themed picnic

Get everyone to wear a particular color of clothing or a T-shirt of a certain theme (animals, favorite artist, favorite quote etc.). Ask them all to make playlists with their favorite songs, then put the soundtrack on shuffle.

Play board games

Good old board games make up the last missing part of that idyllic picnic picture.

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What’s your creative picnic idea?