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8 reasons why you should always send postcards when traveling

8 reasons why you should always send postcards when traveling

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The challenge: send a postcard to a friend every time you go anywhere

Sending paper postcards is not as old-fashioned as it sounds. Of course, these days you can make a video call and show your friends where you are in real time, but few things are as exciting as spending two weeks checking your mailbox every day (the real one, not your email) for that card you are expecting from Sri Lanka.

So, here are the best reasons to send postcards from every trip you take:

1. To surprise someone who expects nothing but bills in their mailbox.

2. To tell yourself something you’d love to remember from this trip (yes, you heard me right; send a postcard to yourself).

3. To help someone who’s at home feel the country you’re visiting. You can take the ‘feel’ part to a whole new level if you add something small in the envelope, even if it’s just a pack of local chewing gum, a few tiny seashells or a pack of extra hot chilis.

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4. To express your poetic soul. Do you feel a sudden need to pour your soul out in a poem dedicated to the Taj Mahal? Don’t risk losing the vibe! Write it down and send it immediately.

5. To remind someone you love them wherever you are.

6. To keep as a memento of your travels. One day your grandkids may find these cards and imagine what a glorious, adventurous life you once led.

7. To let your parents know you are alive (or at least that you were alive as of the moment you mailed the postcard!) and stop them from worrying.

8. To make new friends around the world. Have you heard of Postcrossing? It lets you send and receive postcards from random people from around the world. What’s more, if you have a whimsical obsession – like Soviet cars for example – you can actually put it on your profile and receive only themed postcards.

Pin this idea to your travel board, but not before you have messaged all your close friends asking them to send you their exact postal address.