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Salzburg – attractions for a weekend

Salzburg – attractions for a weekend

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Salzburg is a true gallery of the baroque era – the center of the town, even today, remains at it once was, when Mozart lived here 250 years ago. Salzburg s old city area is mesmerizing, whether you are walking down its streets, or looking at it from the top of the Hohensalzburg Castle. Above the quick waters of the Salzach River is the Mirabell Palace, with its delicate gardens. It s just impossible not to like Salzburg!

Here you will find a list of the main attractions in Salzburg, to give your trip a head start.

Mirabell Palace – Built in 1606, as a present from Prince Wolf Dietrich for his beloved Salome Alt, who was the royal mistress and gave the prince 10 children, all of which were born and raised in the Mirabell Palace. Today, the building houses the mayor s office and the municipal administration. The palace is surrounded by a large garden with baroque fountains, fresh greenery and flowers. During many summer nights, the gardens are filled with the sounds of classical music, played by different orchestras. The palace is located in the center of the city.

Hellbrunn Palace – Welcome to the home of entertainment – the Hellbrunn Palace. The baroque structure was built in the 18th century, by Prince Wolf Dietrich, with the idea of it being a summer villa for his children s leisurely activities. There isn t a single bed here, because the family always went back to spend the night at their home in Salzburg. The palace is surrounded by a beautiful park with gorgeous fountains and a zoo. It is located in the southern part of Salzburg. During many summer nights, the gardens of the Mirabell Palace are filled with the sounds of classical music, played by orchestras.

Hohensalzburg Catle – This is the largest fortress in Europe that is still standing. It is located at the top of the hill, above the city, and is Salzburg s symbol. Construction started in 1077 and was completed by 1687. Since 1861, the castle has been a tourist landmark. If you dare, you can walk up to the castle, using the steep staircase carved into the hill, or you can take the cable car.

Salzburg Cathedral (Salzburger Dom) – This majestic structure is located in the center of the Old Town and is one of the city s symbols. It was built in the 18th century by Santino Solari, in early baroque fashion. Here you will find the sacred vessel, used during the baptism of Mozart himself, as well as a beautiful pipe organ, surrounded by the gilded statues of angels, playing different musical instruments.

Mozart s Residence (Mozarts Geburtshaus) – This landmark is a must-see during your time in Salzburg. It is the place where Mozart lived, with his family, from 1773 to 1781. Inside you will find some of the composer s personal music manuscripts, original furniture, personal belongings, as well as Mozart s own musical instruments. This house was the setting of more than 150 of Mozart s pieces. In addition, you can visit a small cinema to view a short movie about Mozart s life.

Mozartplatz Square – It is located in close proximity to the Salzach River, not far from the Salzburg Cathedral. This small square, constructed in 1842, is famous for the bronze statue, peaking from its center, and depicting the legendary composer. Right across from the statue is a cozy coffee place, worth visiting.

Salzburg Museum – An undisputable proof of the fact that a museum can be both educational and entertaining. There are a few departments for arts and history, as well as a section for children. In the toy museum Kinder Welt, you will find the largest Austrian collection of European toys from the last 250 years. Huge teddy bears, wooden train sets, dolls and dollhouses, model airplanes, balls, spinning tops and whatever else you can think of. The museum has been open for visitors since 1978 and is located in an old hospital building. Not only can you and your children observe the toys, but you can also craft and paint your own, from the materials provided at the museum.

The Franciscan Church (Franziskanerkirche) – This is the oldest building in Salzburg, dating back to the 13th century. The high, rib-vault ceiling and columns of the church were built in gothic style and contrast, brightly and uniquely, with the baroque alter. The church is located in the middle of the Old Town. For more information click here.

Sail Down the Salzach River – You can take the Salzach riverboat and sail to the rhythm of Mozart s most famous works. This way you will see Salzburg in a different, very special way. Above the river is a curved metal bridge, which connects the city s old part to the new one. Time to do some boat dancing!

Carriage Ride – Wherever you may be in Salzburg, you will hear the clatter of hooves. So why not grant yourself a carriage ride around the city? This is yet another interesting way to see Salzburg, while simultaneously going back in time and feeling like a noble person. You will find the carriages and their dedicated coachmen waiting for tourists at almost every square. Gee up!

Mozart s Balls (Mozartkugeln) – You should know that this is about candy. The only place in the world, where you can taste the unique little round pieces of candy, is Salzburg. The man who invented them in 1890, pastry chef Paul Furst, decided that whoever would like to try his candy, must come to Salzburg. Even today, the original sweets are still handmade. At the very heart of the candy is a marzipan filling, followed by nougat and dark chocolate. Don t miss out!

The Scent of Freshly-Baked Bread at Stiftsbäckerei – You will be enchanted by the amazing aroma of freshly-baked bread at an unconventional location – the exit of Salzburg s graveyard (one of the most beautiful graveyards in the word). You will then find yourself in front of a small mill and bakery, where they make and sell all sorts of bread and other baked goods. You can choose between breads with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, corn flour, walnuts, black pepper, and dozens more, both sweet and salty. There is something for every pallet. The Stiftsbäckerei bakery is the oldest in Salzburg. The delicious aroma will attract and bring you here wherever in the city you may be, but just in case – the exact address is Kapitelplatz 8.

Sausage Bread – This is a traditional snack, which locals love to eat for lunch and during their early afternoon breaks. The sausages in Salzburg are delicious. You can literally find them everywhere – in small eateries with tall tables and no chairs, as well as from street vendors.

Salzburg Shopsping – The main shopping street in Salzburg is called Getreidegasse. It is narrow and has plenty of original shops with signs decorated in wrought iron. It is full of restaurants and houses, cuddled together. You will notice how the shops offering Easter and Christmas decorations are open year round, even in the heat of summer. So, as long as you want to, you can buy Christmas tree ornaments in July.

Salzburg Nightlife – You won t find any clubs, where you can dance until dawn, but Salzburg does have plenty of bars, pubs and restaurants, where you can have a drink and enjoy your friends company. Most establishments, dedicated to nightlife, are located in the Old Town. The best thing you can do in the summer is get a few beers and sit by the refreshing waters of the Salzach River with your friends. There are a few large dance clubs in the town s outskirts.

Events in Salzburg – The Salzburg festival, the marathon and all the jazz festivals – there is plenty to do in the city.