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The recipe for a perfect life? Quit your job, buy a van, travel!

The recipe for a perfect life? Quit your job, buy a van, travel!

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The recipe for a perfect life?

1. Quit your job

2. Build a campervan

3. Travel

At least this is what Mike Hudson would tell you if you ask him.

He started doing a lot of dreaming in 2013 – he wanted to live in a van and travel the world. Unlike many similar dreams that are born and die every minute around the world, this one actually turned into reality. Mike quit his job, moved out his house in Sheffield, UK, gave away the furniture and… bought a big old van.

“The first few days I was overwhelmed with things I needed to do. The van was a mess. It got worse the more time I spent with it; more rust, holes in floor, oil leaks, bodge after bodge. It was a write-off and it even had forklift truck marks underneath where it had probably been shifted about some scrap yard,” he tells the story in his blog.

March 2014, the van conversion was complete, the journey began.

Two years later Mike is in Morocco – relaxing by the coast in a secluded spot – and answering our questions:

I travel by van because… it lets me live a simple happy life of freedom, adventure and experience variety every day.

Turning a dream into reality is… a human thing that we are all wired to do.

Quitting my job to travel was a decision that now I see as… the best decision of my life.

The first thing I do when I arrive at a new destination is… stop and observe.

I never travel without... a positive mindset and a healthy outlook on the world.

The place I would come back again and again is… Greece, Greece, Greece.

The strangest thing that ever happened to me on the road was… I really don’t know what is strange and what is not any more. Even crazy coincidences are kind of normal now, although I don’t take them for granted.

Actually I never have time for… the radio and the disgusting music they feed us.

My last destination was… I’m in Morocco right now. I’m by the coast in a secluded spot with some other vans.

My next destination is… I’ll go south down the coast. I heard about this valley full of vans and homes of wheels with cool people.

5 tips for travelling by van… laugh, live, be nice to locals and police, don’t plan too much, let curiosity lead the way.

If I have to share something inspiring with you, it would be… the night sky.

The bench with the greatest view in the world is in… I love this question but I’m afraid I haven’t travelled the world so how can I say? But I’ll say Athens, Greece on Filopappos Hill at sunset with a bottle of wine.

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