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Tips On Enjoying The Most In New York’s Five Boroughs

Tips On Enjoying The Most In New York’s Five Boroughs

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Your trip to New York, the most populated city in the United States, can become the best experience of your lifetime. The 5 Boroughs of New York and the Hudson River with countless places to visit and endless adventure, all are waiting for your arrival! However, with so much fun to cover in the 5 Boroughs, you might get stuck planning your trip to “the City that Never Sleeps.” Here are some tips on exploring each of the 5 Boroughs of New York; keep reading!

The Brooklyn

Brooklyn is undoubtedly the most-exciting Borough for art lovers. The music and theatres scattered around all the places. You cannot visit this Borough and overlook its budding love for art. While in Brooklyn, make sure to visit the Brooklyn Bridge, a majestic bridge that gest most attentive when you think about its outstanding cable-suspension. Make sure to eat all the goodies like the malted pancakes and eat all the prized slices of Pizza. But don’t forget about the majestic Condor in Williamsburg to get proper sleep and wake up like a Knight the next morning!

The Bronx

Located in the north of New York, there’s no way you can miss this great Borough. Do you have a palette for great food? If your answer is “yes,” then you will be amazed by the Latin food there. Art is the most crucial element in the fantastic city of New York. Make sure to visit all the art galleries to make the most out of your trip. Make your way to the botanical garden, visit the Edgar Allan Poe Cottage, get into the shopping mode by going to the Arthur Avenue Retail Market, check out the Yankee Stadium or make a trip to Grand Concourse. It’s all there!

The Manhattan 

Manhattan is the place that probably influences most of the visitors to visit the great city of New York. This place has financial hubs, commercial centers, and art galleries that can turn any visitor into a life-long fan of this Borough. For most visitors, the Empire State Building and Central Park are more than enough to make the most out of their time. However, if you are really in the mode of exploring this Borough, make sure to visit the MoMA museum and hit the streets to engulf yourself in the life of this restless place. And make sure to stop at the food shops and eat some real goodness!

The Queens

You can’t get the best of New York until you visit Queens – The largest Borough of New York City. For starters, if you are a foodie, you will love the tasty Asian and Greek food there. And yes, it has the Real Chinatown; you can imagine the cultural diversity, arts, and unique foods in Queens! And there’s plenty to do for the Tennis lovers in Queens as well. The stunning Queens Botanical Garden is the real deal for the flora and fauna admirers.

The Staten Island

Staten Island, the wealthiest borough in New York, is the third-largest Borough of the city. Imagine a place with 170 parks and the fun you can have in there! With social distancing, you can expect to see significant architectural landmarks. For visitors, the best way to reach Staten Island is by using the Staten Island Ferry. And if you are in the mood for shopping, the best place to shop around is the St. George area. 


Open your heart and get ready to absorb all the richness of the 5 Boroughs in New York City. Remember that it’s your responsibility to maintain social distancing. Happy traveling!

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