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What you should know before entering Tanzania

What you should know before entering Tanzania

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Do you intend to explore Eastern Africa? Then, Tanzania is one of the countries in the region that you will love. Known for its impressive mountain sights, Tanzania has a sight that many travelers and tourists yearn to see – Africa’s highest mountain – Mount Kilimanjaro.

However, there are more details you need to know as you plan to travel to Tanzania. For further information on Tanzania, here is a useful read for you.

Four (4) Important Things You Need to Know Before Entering Tanzania

We have highlighted four necessary pieces of information that you need to take cognizance of when traveling to Tanzania.

1. Timing
Knowledge of the time zone of a new location is essential for travelers moving from a familiar place to an unfamiliar one. Entering Tanzania, you need to know that the GMT+3 time zone is applicable here and for most Eastern African nations too.

If you are traveling from Florida, USA, with Eastern Standard Time (EST), you should prepare for almost 9 hours difference in the time zones. You can plan with this time when to send emails or make calls to friends and family back at home. Besides, Tanzania usually has sunrise and sunset local times, approximately 7 am and 7 pm, respectively.

2. Language
An idea of Swahili will be useful for you during your stay in Tanzania. However, the two most common languages used are English and Swahili. While you may find it easier relating in English with some Tanzanians, many local citizens might not get along with you so well as English is not their first language.

Just like in Kenya, Swahili is the most commonly spoken local language in Tanzania. Before your arrival, you can learn a few Swahili phrases used in greeting, marketing, and business transactions. Even though you might not be an expert at speaking yet, you will discover that local communities will find it better accommodating and relating to you.

3. Visa and Passport Documents
Entering Tanzania is not a complicated task once you have a good understanding of the visa application process. First of all, every intending traveler should know what type of visa is required for their entry. In Tanzania, there are different categories of permissions for specific purposes.

Ranging from a single-entry visa, multiple entry visa, business visa, transit visa, student visa, and many more, you should follow the right way to apply. Having defined the purpose of your travel and its duration, you will be issued a list of requirements.

These requirements usually consist of a valid passport, proof of travel such as an issued letter of admission by a Tanzanian institution, medical tests, and financial documents. Once you can show evidence of all required documents, you will receive your visa, and you can have an excellent time exploring the beauty Tanzania provides for visitors.

4. Safety and Protection
Apart from a charming attraction like Mount Kilimanjaro, visitors enjoy Tanzania because it is one of the safest places in the eastern part of Africa. Testimonies from visitors have always been on the positive side, stating that the people of Tanzania are remarkably welcoming and kind.

Traveling is one of the most adventurous things for many people. Having to see the diversity in the culture of others by eating their meals or listening to their music is a great way to catch fun. Tanzania has a lot of adventures you will love to explore.