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6 unusual things to send to friends while traveling

6 unusual things to send to friends while traveling

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When traveling, most of us take thousands of photos, both for memory purposes and to share with friends, family and followers online – if you are yet to master the ultimate travel Instagram photos, find a few useful tips here. But what if you want to send your loved ones back home a travel memento?

Although sending postcards never goes out of style, if you want to mail something a little different, here are some fun travel-related alternatives.

#1 Disposable Camera

Although your friends and family can keep up with your adventures on social media, there’s still nothing like holding the actual photos. So why not post a disposable camera? Fill it with fun pics you’ve taken on your travels, make it a personal wish-you-were-here gift by holding up signs or pictures, or use it as a creative way to send a happy birthday greeting.

#2 Ship a Coconut

Did you know you can ship a coconut in the mail? No, neither did we. But if you’re traveling to an exotic location and want to give your those back home a taste (quite literally), of the action, then this is a great idea. If you’re visiting Hawaii, then you can ship with the original coconut postcard company. Decorate as you desire, write your message and post!

#3 Post a Flip-Flop

Think of the ultimate holiday staple. Of course, there’s sun cream and swimwear, but what kind of sunny getaway would it be without a pair of flip-flops? So, step aside postcards, there’s a cooler way to send your holiday greeting. This idea also works as a cool keepsake or a wedding invite if you’re getting married abroad.

#4 Beach Ball

If you’re looking for a creative and travel-themed way to wish someone back home a happy birthday, then a beach ball could be the answer. Although you can ship a helium-filled balloon, they are a standard birthday tradition. Instead, inflate a beach ball, write your birthday message, wrap and ship.

#5 Bucket and Spade

Are you spending time on the beach? Make your friends and family home feel jealous with a bucket and spade. Inside, add a few local trinkets, send notes and messages, or even some sand – although you may not be very popular when they open the parcel and sand spills everywhere!

#6 Filled Piñata

If your travels will take you to Mexico, then a piñata is a surprisingly mail-friendly gift. You may be surprised that you can send a piñata in the post, but apparently, there are a lot of strange things you can mail in international parcels. Simply fill with delicious local sweets and treats and send back home

There you have it. Some fun, weird and very unusual travel-related things you can send home. Try one and wait for the hilarious reaction!