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How to plan your trip to Dubai

How to plan your trip to Dubai

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Dubai is one of the most popular cities in the world. Every year millions of people visit the city either as a tourist or on business. Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates. It is a great place to spend your vacation as there are tonnes of places in and around the city that will mesmerize you. Be it the beautiful culture or the amazing rising skyscrapers the city is rich with modern ambience as well as the ancient culture. But it being a foreign place, it is wise to know a few things before you plan a trip to the place. Here are some of the main points to focus on.

1. Weather

We need to talk about the weather in Dubai first. Because even if it doesn’t concern you much at the moment, believe me, it will be a deciding factor for the amount of fun you have on your vacation to Dubai. When it is full-blown summer in Dubai the temperatures can rise to the neighborhood of 55-degree Celsius and above. You won’t be able to enjoy being outside as the air will be hot and you will feel discomfort very soon. Most of your time will be spent indoors which is not a great way to enjoy a vacation. So, when should one visit Dubai? The best time is between October and February when the temperature is bearable and you can have fun outdoors. So, plan your trip accordingly (Unless you have a business call in which case you have to go).

2. Expenses

Look, Dubai can be very expensive pretty soon if you are not careful. Even if you have sufficient cash it is always good to choose cheap commodities since (in my honest opinion) they give the real flavour of any place. I mean if you have the money you can obviously fly around in a helicopter but to be among the people and the culture and experiencing local food is the best way to get deep into a culture. Taxis and metro should always be your top priority as a means of travelling if you are trying to save money. Though metros are cheaper than taxis certain stations are not present at a convenient spot. So, spending a few bucks more on taxis is advisable. Look, I know fine dining feels classy and stuff but you can get that anywhere. The best thing is to get out on the streets and experience the culture first hand. Foods are hygienic and safe to eat but it doesn’t hurt to be careful.

To save on your expenses try to book ahead as it will strike few bucks off your travel expense. Using a good flight booking app which will help you get more discounts on your flights is a good idea. These provide a general discount on various flight booking. Coupling those with advance booking can help save money on your travels and spend more money on your actual vacation. Try booking a flight to Sharjah and then travelling to Dubai by road as it will also save a few bucks.

3. Follow The Law

I know people make out Dubai to be a place where a single move means your head. Even though that is highly exaggerated and blown out of proportion it is based on some truth. Dubai is kind of strict when it comes to following the laws and regulations. But rather than inconvenience visitors, it is for their benefit and also to protect the sanctity of their culture. Also, since you are visiting another land to enjoy why not respect their culture and laws. You can get a lot of idea about the dos and don’ts of the place. It is safe to follow them. Like, not crossing the street when the walking signal is off or driving drunk. Also, there are certain rules about clothing but don’t worry. Dubai is a progressive city and it won’t hold you back from having fun. Just respect their culture.

4. Life Beyond Skyscrapers

Although most of us are fascinated by the man-made architectural beauties in Dubai just remember that there is a life beyond that. A life which is brimming with the local culture. Try to go to the places surrounding the city and find out all the bazaars and shops of traders from all over the middle east. Here you can find some of the most beautiful items like jewelers and clothings for a good price.