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22 fun things to do in the mountain

22 fun things to do in the mountain

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We challenge you: Have the greatest hike in you life!

Weather you’ve decided to take part in a short outing, trek for a few days, or get your tent game going, the mountain will welcome you into the embrace of its slopes, with fresh air and plenty of entertainment opportunities.

Below we’ve gathered just a few ideas out of all the amazing mountain pastimes.

1. Stash a portable folding hammock in the trunk of your car and pitch it whenever you want to enjoy the power of complete relaxation.

2. Pop open a bottle of champagne, once you have climbed a mountain top. After all, this is an achievement worth celebrating!

3. Have a home-cooked meal picnic. Let the candy bars and bags of chips be your in-city snacks. The night before your mountainside picnic, bake bread and some sweet treats, roast vegetables, meat and nuts, and eat only real food when you’are in nature.

4. Collect flowers and leaves, to dry when you go home. You can use them for beautiful DIY poperies, postcards, scrapbooks and all kinds of handmade gifts.

5. Collect herbs. Homemade, natural tea infusions will not only warm up your frozen fingers during the winter months, but the memories of your summertime treks will also melt your heart.

6. Prepare homemade bitters. As you make your way through mountain forests and fields, you can also take the opportunity to make bitters. Fill a plastic bottle halfway through with odorless alcohol (like vodka) and add in all the herbs and berries you find along the way – cilantro, thyme, yarrow, chamomile, leaves and flowers from wild strawberries, fresh pine tips, thistle, cornels. Once you go home, transfer the mixture into glass jars and let them sit in the sun for 14 days. Next, strain the liquid and have a spoonful once a day to boost your immune system. Keep in a fridge.

7. Camp or lodge by a mountain lake. This will ensure your perfect view in the morning.

8. Take magnetic board games with you – chess, ludo…They are lightweight and won’t take up a lot of precious space in your backpack.

9. Take tea candles with you to amplify the romance of your campfire. If there is a strong wind, dig small holes in the ground and put the candles inside.

10. Create a shadow muppet show, using your tent and a headlamp. It’s especially fun if you’ve gone on your mountain adventure along with children.

11. Have a meadow rolling competition. They may have a cheese rolling competition in Britain, but humans can easily substitute the cheese.

12. Fly a tent. When the wind is blowing, it’s pretty fun to try and catch the drift, using your tent. However, there are two downsides to this pastime – first of all, nobody has yet been known to actually take flight this way, and secondly – you are guaranteed to have to spend some money on new poles.

13. Learn more about plants and animals. Look to the local bookstore or library for a guide to all the plants and animals that inhabit the region where you will be hiking. Find some space for the book in your backpack, so that you can identify all the flora and fauna you come by along the way.

14. Go hunting.
Mountain hunting is enjoyable at any time of year. Hunting is a fantastic daytime activity, whether alone or with your family and friends. The first steps are finding out what kind of game you want to hunt and becoming acquainted with the area. You’ll also need to be ready for the weather and potential occurrences. The proper tools, such as camouflage, a Bushnell rifle scope a medical pack, and hunting knives, are also crucial. You must carry food and appropriate clothing if the weather is cold.

15. Fly a kite.

16. Come up with camp nicknames for everyone. Big Berry is always late and Old Wild Goat is the most active one.

17. Pick wild strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. If you find yourself incapable of eating it all along the way, you can also take the berries home with you and make some jam.

18. Sail the mountain rivers and lakes with a small boat, kayak or canoe8

19. Wake up early to greet the sunrise.

20. Talk to and learn from the shepherds you will meet along the way.

21. Do gokotta – it is the Swedish practice of having a picnic at dawn, so your meal can be complemented by birdsong.

22. Create a mountain scrapbook, where you can collect all of your thoughts, photos, stories and herbarium.

23. Bathe in a waterfall.

Bonus from us: Make a bouquet of flowers for a special person.