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A friend can’t join you on a trip? Print him out!

A friend can’t join you on a trip? Print him out!

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The challenge: take a printed version of a friend with you, even if he or she can’t join your trip

It happens: a member of your travel crew can’t come on your long-planned Oktoberfest trip because they are penniless, ill, or heading on a last-minute business trip to Japan

What to do: Well, you’ve got no other choice but to print their head on a piece of cardboard (life-size and in full-color for maximum effect), cut it out and glue it to a stick. Then take the hapless printed head of your friend with you and take photos with it in front of every major attraction, beer mug, and Bavarian girl they missed out on.

Strangers are prone to collaborate by posing in bizarre scenarios once they hear about the challenge and your miserable friend staying at home (or in Japan) and missing all the fun. Girls will allow the printed head under their skirts, bartenders will thrust it under their shirts and you might even score a free beer (which you should drink on your friend’s behalf, of course).

How to make it better: Send the pictures to the missing pal in real time or share them on your social media profiles, tagging the person in as many unexpected spots as possible.

How to make it unforgettable: At the end of your trip, you can print all photos and arrange them in an album named “Tom’s unforgettable trip to Oktoberfest 2018”.

If Tom weren’t your friend, he would hate you. But that’s what friends are for – public humiliation without consequences.

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