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Oh, no! It’s raining on my birthday! What should I do now?

Oh, no! It’s raining on my birthday! What should I do now?

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It’s early in the morning and you wake up to check the first birthday greetings on your Facebook wall. It’s an instant mood-booster – you know it’s gonna be a great day. But then you draw the curtains and see the harsh reality; it’s raining buckets outside. Suddenly all your plans for a lovely day out crash right in front of your eyes. What should you do now?

First of all, keep calm. You are now a year older, a year wiser, and you should know that some rain can’t stop you from having a wonderful birthday. Here are some ideas to help you make that rainy birthday even better.

Have a spa day

If you can’t pamper yourself on your birthday, then when can you? One option is to shield yourself from the elements in your raincoat and rain boots, then head to the nearest spa center and put your well-being in the hands of professionals.

The other option is to turn your home into an equally stress-free space: play some relaxing music, light some scented candles, try some DIY face and hair masks, or meditate. This is your chance to do whatever gets you into that Zen state of mind.

Your complete relaxation emergency kit – Shawnee Wilborn / unsplash

Organize a movie marathon with movies from the year you were born

Watching movies while it’s raining outside is a cliché for a reason – it just makes you feel cozy, or to use the proper term: hygge. That’s why a movie marathon is the perfect rainy birthday idea. To make it more appropriately themed, choose movies from the year you were born. I bet you don’t know who won the Oscar for the best picture that year, do you?

Bonus challenge: learn how to make rainbow popcorn so you can enjoy it on your special day. Because, as science has proven, calories don’t count on your birthday…

Fact: calories know when it’s your birthday and have agreed not to make you fat on that day – Toa Heftiba / unsplash

Plan a trip

What could be a better birthday present than the exciting feeling of imagining yourself in foreign places and experiencing new things? Immersing yourself in that daydream is therapeutic, especially with all that pesky rain in the background.

Plan your trip from A to Z, from choosing the destination to looking for accommodation, budgeting, and selecting possible dates. If your friends know you well enough, there is a high chance some of your birthday presents will actually help fund that trip.

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Do images like this ever fail to trigger wanderlust? I think not – Rana Sawalha / unsplash

Learn how to make your favorite cocktail

Get the ingredients, print the recipe and practice throughout the day. By the time evening comes, you should already have the confidence that you’re the best bartender in the world. Now it’s time to throw a house party and let your perfect mojito transport your friends away from the rain and off to a sunny Caribbean island.

Add the ice and voilà, your favorite cocktail is ready – Wine Dharma/unsplash

Practice some outdoor sports – but indoors

If you’re lucky enough to live nearby an indoor ski slope or wave pool, then you already have the perfect rain sanctuary. If not, then you have the perfect chance to get creative.

Find a relatively large covered space and fill it with as many balls, rackets, boards, bats and nets as you can get your hands on. Now it’s time to create your own game with the most absurd rules you can think of (and an even more absurd name, of course!). Who knows; if your bizarre sport is good enough, it might one day make it to the Olympics!

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