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The 6 most common life-changing decisions we make while traveling

The 6 most common life-changing decisions we make while traveling

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You know, or at least suspect, that traveling changes you in many ways: your backpack tends to get smaller, you stop forgetting your toothbrush at home, or you start searching for more meaningful travel experiences. Yet some changes are bigger than others, and one of the best moments to consider dramatically reshaping your life is exactly when you are a thousand miles away from your mundane reality.

A recent study cited by travel expert Peter Greenberg’s blog tried to identify the most common life-changing decisions we make on the road.

4,400 Americans were asked if they ever considered life-changing decisions while abroad, and it turned out that 77% of them actually did.

When they were asked about what those decisions involved, people gave the following answers:

31% – to get a divorce;

18% – to quit their job (although, on the other hand, it’s been proven that taking more vacations leads to a payrise);

14% – to get in shape;

12% – to have children;

6% to have an affair;

5% – to get a pet.

So, statistically, three out of 10 people on the beach consider getting rid of their wife or husband while they sip their Pina Colada, while two others begin counting down the days until they quit their boring job. Now you have a different perspective on what goes through the heads of all those tourists!

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Let us know in the comments which of these life-changers is most appealing to you.


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    Sarah Cummings 4 years ago

    Getting a pet is definitely the most appealing to me right now. Everything else seems like too much of an effort haha

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