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The Essential Gear You Need to Survive A Challenging Backpacking Trip

The Essential Gear You Need to Survive A Challenging Backpacking Trip

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Spring and summer mean it is the right time to put your winter clothes in storage and unpack all of your camping gear. Start by mindfully gathering all essential items and putting them aside somewhere convenient so that you do not forget to bring the gear with you.

Make sure to pack a hatchet or folding saw to chop wood for a campfire. Don’t forget to bring some fire starter to get the campfire going. Bring a waterproof tarp without tears or holes in it to cover the firewood you chop and gather. You will also need a good Swiss Army knife, a working compass, a waterproof and impact-resistant cell phone with a solar power charger. You should also bring a comfortable headlamp with rechargeable batteries, a whistle, and sturdy sunglasses on your backpacking trip. Realize that if you plan on camping out in a bear country you should make sure to pack a food hanging bag or paracord. 

If you wish to make your challenging backpacking trip an absolute success, your next outdoor adventure should definitely include at least one of the innovative gadgets mentioned in this article. From flashlights and award-winning tree tents to groundbreaking portable stoves and wind-up radios, this state-of-the-art gear should certainly end up somewhere on your packing list.  

Pack Necessities For Shelter First 

First things first, make sure you have all the shelter equipment you will need to safeguard you from the elements and predators. Make sure to bring a tent with stakes and guy lines. Pack a mallet to pound in the tent stakes. Remember to bring a ground cloth so as to add durability to the tent floor. Don’t forget to pack a floor mat. This will keep you from dragging mud into your tent. You will also need a small broom and dustpan to clean out your tent every once in a while. Bring a sunshade, tarp, or screen house with stakes and guy lines. 

Shop Online To Pack For A Good Night Rest 

Outdoor gadgets have gone high tech, even high-quality sleeping bags and pocket showers are more functional nowadays. Fortunately, shopping for the latest and greatest gadgets has never been easier. As stated by the team behind, you can easily shop for compact, lightweight, and durable hiking equipment at your local B&M or online stores that offer an array of items like trekking poles, hammocks, chairs, day packs, and sleeping bags to microfiber camping towels and waterproof dry bags. So, while shopping, don’t forget to purchase a high-quality sleeping bag or quilt. You will also need to pack a sleeping pad or mattress and a comfortable camping pillow. A cot, sleeping bag liner, extra blankets, and sheets are also essential to keep you warm during cold nights in the mountains. If you bring an air mattress you will obviously need to pack an air pump to fill your mattress with air and duct tape for repairs. Bring proper trekking boots if you are trekking in Nepal.

Connect With Nature Without Having To Find Flat Ground

One of the best camping accessories you can pack for your next outdoor excursion is the award-winning Stingray Three-Person Tree Tent (3.0). This unique elevated shelter will add a new level of serenity to your camping adventure. Whether suspended between trees or pitched on the ground the revolutionary design will allow you to camp in style with plenty of storage nets for organizing your packs and gear. The award-winning design keeps campers separated while in their own personal sleeping bays. A five-thousand HH rainfly offers protection even in the heaviest downpours. It can easily be removed for spectacular views of the night sky

Don’t Forget To Pack A First Aid Kit And Drone

Finally, don’t leave home without bringing hand sanitizer, bandages, antibacterial ointment, antiseptic wipes, and insect repellent. Pack a small kit with tweezers and scissors. To prevent getting sunburned, pack some sunscreen and lip balm. In case you get sunburned or suffer from blisters, make sure to bring some aloe and moleskin or tape. Don’t forget to pack any prescriptions you may need. Bring vitamins. It is also essential to bring over-the-counter medications like antacids, for stomach aches, Ibuprofen, for headaches and antihistamines, for any allergic reactions that may arise due to pollen. 

Drones can help you speculate a wide area quickly and safely. Use a drone to survey the surrounding area when searching for safe campsites. You can also use a drone to search for scavengers near your campsite. Most importantly and in conclusion, a drone can be a lifesaver if you get lost. 

Being prepared will help you survive the outdoors, but being prepared with the right gear will greatly improve your backpacking experience. Knowing that you have all the things you need will give you more time to enjoy your backpacking trip.