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30 signs you have lived in Brisbane for too long

30 signs you have lived in Brisbane for too long

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Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia after Sydney and Melbourne. It’s a popular stop for visitors making a road trip on Australia’s East Coast. But I stayed there longer: I’ve now lived in Brisbane for more than six years. And I could see my habits evolve during this time to become a Queenslander.

How can you tell you’ve lived in Brisbane for too long?

1. You complain when you don’t have sunshine for more than one day: why do you think I live in the Sunshine State?!

2. You only look for kangaroos to avoid hitting them when driving and you hate the possum you once found cute because they ruin your garden.

3. You don’t remember how to cook in a pan: it’s so much better on the barbie.

4. You wear thongs or sports shoes on your way to work: no one here judges your smart attire with your flashy sports shoes so why would you?

5. You find it normal to bring your car on the beach: what are 4WD for otherwise?

6. You don’t wear a swimming suit to the beach: you wear togs.

7. You’re obsessed with finding shade: the sun hits hard down here, and you don’t want to be the one in three people who get skin issues…

8. You treat cheese with more care than your most precious jewel: it can be a three-digit price per kilogram.

9. You never go out without your ID card: although you’re old enough to have a kid that would be allowed to enter bars, you still have to show it when you go out.

10. You have become very critical of most of the beaches outside Australia: too busy, not enough waves, no coral, cold water…

11. You wear a jumper when it’s under 20 degrees: it means it’s winter!

12. You change path to avoid getting attacked by a bird: magpies always win the fight.

13. You find it normal to go to the pharmacy to take ID photos or buy an umbrella.

14. You are not surprised when all your seafood platter is all fried, and you can hardly taste the difference between a scallop and a prawn.

15. You don’t have to lose a bet to eat Vegemite.

16. You put your alarm at 4.30 am in the morning because it’s the only time you can go for a run without melting with the heat.

17. You are not scared of spiders even if they’re almost as big as your hand palm.

18. You nearly drink beer like a soft drink, Shiraz has become your favourite wine, and you don’t find it shocking to add a few ice cubes in your wine anymore.

19. You always check the rain radar before finishing work on a summer afternoon and a storm coming is a good reason to leave early to find an undercover car park before your car gets ruined by the hail.

20. You cancel all your plans when there is a rain forecast: you know it’s likely to be a downpour and traffic will get crazy as no one knows how to drive in the rain.

21. You know how to cut a mango beautifully and how to eat it without making a mess: that’s the base of your alimentation during summer.

22. You’ve got mad at tourists on a CityCycle that drove on the right and almost knocked you over.

23. You’ve shouted at a crow or a kookaburra on a Sunday morning hoping it will stop making so much noise.

24. You know that when a Queenslander talks about football, it probably isn’t football. It can be soccer, footy (which can be Australian football or rugby league) or rugby (league or union).

25. You always check if there’s a snake, a spider or another lovely animal inside your shoes before putting them on.

26. You know that there is no such a thing as a dropbear, but that huge ants that jump more than 30 cm to bite you and give you an excruciating pain are real, and so are sharks in the river and the venomous toads that can be as big as a small dog.

27. You shorten as many words and names as you can, including your manager’s name. Because it’s easier to talk about Am and Em or K, Kel, Kels and Kace.

28. You never wear a blue accessory on a State of Origins night unless you want to be called a cockroach, and it totally makes sense to you.

29. You add beetroot and pineapple to your burgers.

30. You don’t look for “Pepper” at the machine checkout when you buy a pepper: you now call it capsicum.


Eloise is a French who lives in Brisbane (Australia), but you won’t find her often in the city. When she is not disconnected underwater or in a national park, she loves sharing her travel tips on her blog and inspiring her readers to take care of our beautiful planet. She considers every weekend as a two-day holiday break. Her approach: you don’t always need to go far to travel. Still, she also enjoys exploring the world and discovering new cultures.

Featured image: courtesy of My Favourite Escapes

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