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4 unique ways to travel the world and save money doing it

4 unique ways to travel the world and save money doing it

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Traveling the world takes a bit of planning, a bit of saving money, and a lot of commitment. Exploring the earth is on many people’s bucket lists. For some, it can seem impossible.

However, there are many ways to experience world travel without having to break the bank. We’ve compiled a few expert-approved tips for seeing new places and having new experiences on a tight budget.

1. Rental Properties and House Swaps

Let’s say you have the financial stability to invest, but don’t want to empty your pockets for one big trip. Buying a rental property is a great way to go. You make a large initial investment and use the property when you travel. You then rent it out the rest of the year to make your investment back.

To ensure that people rent your property, contact AllDryUSA in Boynton Beach. It provides mold, water, and fire damage repairs. This way, your property can be in tip-top shape for renters.

Buying a rental property is a great way to diversify investments in a way that creates a fun vacation for you. Some of us, though, may not be able to drop that much money on an investment to take a vacation. In this scenario, house swaps are the perfect way to see the world without spending money. Make friends with someone who lives in another state, country, or even just city.

You may have childhood friends that moved or family that relocated for work. Reaching out to these connections for a house swap will give you the chance to take a great vacation without the hassle of paying for lodging.

Arrange a time that works for you both and simply swap homes for a week or two. It’s cozier than a hotel and cheaper than an Airbnb. It’s also a great way to bond with old connections.

2.Backpack by Hostel

Hostels are the perfect way to travel and see the world. They offer discounted rates that allow you to save money. A hotel price might mean you can only afford 1 or 2 nights on vacation. Hostels allow for longer travel and less money spent on lodging.

While hostels are famously a great way to travel Europe as a young person, they are available in other continents as well. The United States has plenty of hostels, in addition to Australia and Asia

3. Embrace the Travel Blog

One incredible way to earn money as you travel, rather than just saving money, is with blogging. If you can build a social media presence for your travel blog, brands can partner with you to offer complimentary trips, experiences, and items, as well as lovely paychecks for freelance work.

Blogging will help you to stay present and take note of your experiences as you take every destination in. It also means you’re carefully documenting your travels, which is great when you want to look back and remember the time you spent traveling.

4. Invest in the “Points” System

Many airlines, hotels, and even Airbnb’s use point systems to encourage brand loyalty from their clientele. This means that each time you book with that company, you earn points toward rewards. For an airline, it means that you get a free or discounted flight. For hotels, it might mean that you upgrade to better rooms.

Staying with one company over another may mean you spend a few extra dollars every once in a while, but you eventually start saving money when you cash in on rewards. Try signing up for one of these rewards programs to save money on travel.