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5 things that make me happy in Italy

5 things that make me happy in Italy

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There are so many books about Americans who move to Italy after a devastating life crisis and then reinvent themselves that it seems impossible to be anything but happy there. Unless of course you are at the post office. No, Italian post offices are not happy places…

Anyway, you can experience pure bliss almost everywhere else. These are five of the things I love the most about Italy.

Narrow streets – because you never know what’s around the next corner.

Towns on hills – the memorable vistas are worth those sweaty walks up steep cobbled streets.

Vineyards – and sunsets with a glass of wine, and sunrises engulfed in the morning fog. Wine goes hand in hand with the concept of dolce far niente.

Vespas – exploring cities on an old-school Vespa is as Italian as it gets.

Espresso – Italy has perhaps the most serious espresso culture in the world. If you don’t want to look like a tourist in Italy, have your espresso in one shot, standing at the bar and exchanging gossip with the barrista.


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    I haven’t been to Italy, yet, but these make me happy, too!!

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