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7 ways to celebrate the beginning of April

7 ways to celebrate the beginning of April

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We challenge you: Celebrate the beginning of April (we give you seven great ideas!)

Drink your Saturday coffee with a view. If you are a nature lover, bring your coffee in a thermos and head for the woods or park or just your favorite piece of wilderness. If you feel more comfortable in the city, visit a long-forgotten cafeteria that is not part of your everyday routes.

Add a pinch of adventure to Easter. Create a new Easter tradition for your family including more time together outdoors. Go on an Easter picnic, climb a near mountain peak or go for a horse ride.

Walk to work. Of course, it depends on how you travel to work but a small change counts too. You can either walk the whole distance from home to your workplace or, if it’s a really long way, get off a few stops earlier/park your car further away. Spend some time planning a pleasant route that passes through parks and quiet side streets.

Ming Jun Tan

Organize a (grown-up) treasure hunt. A great way to spend more time outdoors. You can organize the hunt together with your kids or create a more sophisticated grown-up version requiring some special knowledge or research to solve the tasks.

Discover a story in your neighborhood. One of the main reasons why we feel bored or unhappy is that we get used to all the good things in our lives. Rediscover your own neighborhood – just roam around and pretend you are here for the first time. Notice details, new cafes, and potential stories that might have kept themselves invisible to your bored eye. The last time I took such a walk around my home, I discovered a house with a yard full of weird stone sculptures – hundreds of them scattered around, silently watching the passersby but rarely being noticed by them.

Organize a short cycling trip – Spend a few hours cycling out of the city, bring your lunch with you and maybe take a nap under a tree in blossom. Yes, being lazy is an art form, too.

Photo by Aaron Thomas

Visit a new food venue – Spring is the season of change and rebirth, so it’s time to challenge your palate with a new exotic dish. Check out the latest foreign restaurants or find a recipe and cook it yourself.

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