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8 dirty little secrets of the travelers (the last is the dirtiest)

8 dirty little secrets of the travelers (the last is the dirtiest)

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If you want to understand a little bit better your constantly traveling friends, here you will find some of their dirty little secrets revealed. Thoughts that pass through their minds but are rarely said aloud. Actually, if you ask them, they might even deny!

1. While you are telling us stories about your last trip to Provence, we are already making plans how to go there.

2. While you boast your new smartphone, we automatically turn its price into plane tickets, paragliding or summer festival ticket.

3. We love to eat our pizza in Italy. Not because we are haughty. Because the pizza in Italy goes with stories from the cook, the sound of conversations in Italian from the near tables and a view to the rolling hills of Tuscany. Same with gazpacho in Spain. And pljeskavica in Serbia.

4. We want to tell you about every single step of our last trip, about every new friend, smell and sound, but we are afraid that you might get bored.

5. We love it when you ask us for advice – where to go this weekend? What is the best place to visit in Barcelona? How exactly do I get to Versailles?

6. Sometimes we feel a little guilty that we travel without our friends. But we cannot wait for you forever to have enough money or free time.

7. We spend more time than you can imagine choosing a present for you from the trip.

8. Sometimes we wear the same pair of socks for more than one day.


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    Definitely #7! I don’t think people realise! And I obviously haven’t travelled enough as I haven’t done #8 yet! Haha!

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