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8 Places With Moderate Climates to Visit This Summer

8 Places With Moderate Climates to Visit This Summer

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In case you are among those who hate high temperatures, summer must not be your favorite season. Yet, that is true unless you are one of the inhabitants of the places we are going to mention in this article.

Have you been busy with your job or handling a bunch of school assignments you couldn’t even complete without asking, ‘write my essay‘ or missing out on the fun? Well, it is time that you put aside your books, turn off the work chat notifications, and catch up.

Forget about your boss or teachers; forget about waking up for classes early in the morning, rewriting research papers to get an A, and composing reports. Be sure you will find something to your taste whether you prefer an activity holiday or not. However, if you simply need a place with a nice climate where you’d like to work or study, there is something for you, too. Let’s dive in!

Costa Rica

For those who don’t want to cross the ocean to see something beautiful in summer without experiencing a heatstroke, Costa Rica is one of the best choices. June is a rainy month, but the rest of the summer is perfect: the temperature is 22-24°C, with rare peaks of 29°C at most. If you like hiking and surfing, it is definitely for you!

However, there is one thing to mind: Costa Rica has six volcanoes that are currently active and 61 more that are dormant. So, before choosing the city to stay in, consider at least the presence of those that are still active.

Places to go:

  • Monteverde and the Cloud Forests
  • Tamarindo Beach
  • Diamante Eco Adventure Park
  • Corcovado National Park
  • Tortuguero National Park
  • Braulio Carrillo National Park
  • Rincón de la Vieja National Park


Another destination with a moderate climate is located in South America but also not too far from Costa Rica, and that’s Loja, Ecuador. It is very close to the equator, which means that the changes in the daylight are barely noticeable. So, you may even consider moving here if you are susceptible to seasonal fluctuations. Here, the highest average in summer is 22°C.

Places to go:

  • Loja City Gate
  • The Río Malacatos
  • Botanical Garden
  • Podocarpus National Park

Santa Barbara

If you don’t want to leave the US, there is an option for you. Santa Barbara’s climate is known for low humidity levels and an average temperature of 24°C. At the same time, there is an ocean, sun, and a number of excellent beaches to visit.

Places to go:

  • Summerland Beach
  • Shoreline Park
  • Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
  • Ganna Walska Lotusland
  • Arroyo Burro County Beach Park (highly recommended if you have a dog)


Now, let’s move to Europe. Riga is a perfect travel destination where you can also concentrate on your work or complete a serious project you struggle to focus on. The city is very quiet and calming. Expect 20-22°C here in summer and really few people to see outside during any season. That is actually good because you will be able to enjoy the city’s top spots and avoid crowds or standing in long queues.

Places to go:

  • Museum of Video Games – remember old Sega games, Nintendo, and amusing arcade machines? If you are among the ones who spent their childhood playing (or dreaming of) those, this place is a chance to go back in time (or finally try playing various games)!
  • Mežaparks – you can spend a whole day there wandering around the parks and woods with amazing sceneries.
  • National Library – a must-see even if there are no exhibitions that are usually held on the first floor.
  • Vermane Garden – plan to stay there at least for one hour to enjoy the beauty of every walkway you are going to pass.
  • Miit Coffee – a cozy cafe with a beautiful courtyard, quite unusual desserts, and amazing coffee.
  • Mazā Terapija – highly recommended if you are a fan of vegan food.
  • Stabu Mākonis – a sophisticated bar with a wide selection of cocktails.
  • Krokodils Bar – amazing interior and cheap cocktails.
  • Boar BBQ – is located right next to the place above and serves huge portions of tasty food.
  • Kūkotava – a coffee shop and bakery that will drive you mad with its selection of desserts and aromas of the food cooked right in front of you.
  • Mr. Fox – in case you long for some not-fried food.

…but basically, you can just walk out and enjoy the views. Wherever you go while staying in the Old Town, you are guaranteed to see amazing historical sights, nice parks, and museums.


Now, let’s dwell on the places with specific microclimates. While Italy, in general, is not the coolest place to visit in summer, there are several exceptions to the rule. Liguria and Lake Como are among them. The Liguria region is the place you usually imagine when told about coastal parts of Italy – with those colorful houses and numerous villages in the mountains.

The top places to go would be:

  • Genoa – if you adore Italian architecture, the city is the best choice for you
  • Portofino
  • Doria Castle
  • Basilica di Santa Margherita

Lake Como

Amazing architecture and museums like the Palace of Fears await you here. 26°C at most is the middle ground for those who adore sunbathing but dislike high temperatures. The lakeside towns are mostly mountainous, so hiking fans are welcome here, too.

Places to go:

  • Villa Carlotta
  • Basilica di Sant’Abbondio
  • Bellagio
  • Menaggio
  • Lecco


Now, if you like a rather cold climate, this region of Spain is definitely for you. Even the water is too cold here to swim. Yet, it doesn’t stop some surfers. The average of 20°C is perfect for rock climbers and hikers. So, it’s a must-visit region for lovers of sports tourism.

Places to go:

  • Los Picos de Europa National Park
  • Mirador del Fitu – a breathtaking spot with a panoramic view
  • El Fartuquin – one of the best restaurants where you can taste authentic local food
  • Jardín Botánico Atlántico – a host to around 2 000 species and 30 000 plants in total


If you are into surfing or simply love nature, there is a sweet spot in France for you. Brittany offers you 22°C and a dry climate despite numerous water bodies. The number of historical sights is huge, so it’s hard to name all of those that are worthy of your attention. Yet, these are probably the most recommended places to go:

  • Nantes (port, History Museum of Nantes, Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, Rue Crébillon, château gardens, Bouffay district)
  • Perros Guirec (for the fans of lovely beaches and spas)
  • Pink Granite Coast
  • Carnac (Circuit des Alignements, Tumulus Saint-Michel, Musée de Préhistoire de Carnac)
  • Josselin (Château de Josselin with its Doll and Toy Museum and picturesque gardens)
  • Ushant Island (the fauna is amazing here, and the Lampaul village has magnificent beaches)
  • La Baule (for the fans of windsurfing and sailing)

Summing Up

See? Even the pickiest travelers can find something suitable in summer. There is no need to sit in a stuffy room, spend the whole three months near an air conditioner, or go to typical hot areas near the sea just because most people do that. So, choose the place you consider the most worthy of your attention, and don’t sweat it!