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Cheers to your best summer yet!

Cheers to your best summer yet!

Curie Museum in Paris – a radioactive tour you take voluntarily
Forli – atttractions for a day
Dusseldorf – attractions for a weekend

If you live in a place with four seasons, you can’t help but wait eagerly for the summer every year and celebrate it every single night.

Cheers to summer!

To letting go of control and making time irrelevant.

To unexpected encounters and friendships that start around a campfire.

Cheers to encounters around the fire! | Timothy Meinberg/Unsplash

To cliff jumping and night swimming.

Splash | Jakob Owens/Unspalsh

To the velvet touch of moss in the forest.

Moss | Stas Ovsky/Unsplash

To days that start at sunrise and finish at the next sunrise.

Sunrise on the day of the summer solstice | ©Maria Angelova/

To warm nights and fireflies.

Fireflies at Ochanomizu Kobayashi Kiyochika

To swapping the bed for a portable hammock hung in the woods.

My summer bed | ©Maria Angelova/

To the smell of hay and pine trees.

Hay time | Stephen Radford/Unsplash

To homemade cocktails and rooftop views.

Homemade summer cocktail | Aj Garcia/Unsplash

To finding the joy of challenging yourself!

Summer freedom | ©Maria Angelova/

To saying “yes” more often.

Kayaking | ©Maria Angelova/

Cheers to your best summer ever!