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Top 2022 YouTube Travel Channels

Top 2022 YouTube Travel Channels

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Watching a YouTube travel channel is a great way to get inspired, learn more about a destination you’re planning to visit, or simply be entertained!

If you’re looking for your next favorite travel channel, then keep reading, as we’ve got the information you need! Below you’ll find a curated list of the hottest YouTube travel channels right now, plus some up-and-coming channels that are sure to be huge hits in 2023.

Drew Binsky

Drew’s mission is to visit every single country on Earth, and with more than 150 of them already under his belt, he’s well on his way to achieving it. This YouTuber’s channel is extremely popular and has received the backing of Lonely Planet and GoPro, among others.

After studying in Prague in 2012, Drew decided that the traveling life was for him and went on to visit Korea, where he taught English – and from there, the rest is history! Drew’s genuine passion and curiosity make his videos a must-watch, and he’s using the proceeds from his channel to continue his global adventures.

For those looking for money-saving travel tips, this channel is particularly helpful – and could put adventuring within reach of even those on the tightest of budgets.

Fearless and Far

Need some inspiration as well as an entertaining watch? Then Mike Corey’s Fearless and Far YouTube channel is the one for you!

Mike aims to discover off-the-beaten tracks and travel experiences, however extreme these might be! Being present at a Kambo Cleanse ritual in the Amazon and getting involved with the Exploding Hammer festival in Mexico are just a couple of the highlights from his adventures so far.

As well as being engaging (and seriously addictive), Mike’s videos are creatively and beautifully shot, too – so even if you’re not planning on an extreme jungle experience anytime soon; you’ll still get a lot out of this channel.

Cammy D

This is a travel vlogger to watch in 2023: Cammy D is the son of Heather Greenwood Davis, one of the most successful travel writers in the world, so it’s not surprising that he’s been uploading great travel videos detailing adventures he’s been on with this family. And he’s been producing these vlogs while still in school!

Cammy D is likely to become an influential voice in the vlogging world over the next year, as well as his travel posts; he’s also recently been adding content that explores subjects such as racism and the importance of youth voices.

Tom Green

While his day job may be as a comedian and actor, these days, Tom is enjoying a side gig as a YouTube travel vlogger. On his channel, you can follow the van life he shares with his beloved dog, Charlie.

Regular viewers love the quirky nature of Tom’s videos, as well as the beautiful cinematography and the music woven through the content. For new-to-the-scene travel vloggers, music can be a key element to creating successful videos that can easily be overlooked.

While it’s important to consider adding music, it’s equally vital to ensure you have a license to use a track to avoid being on the wrong side of copyright law. To get around this issue, consider using royalty-free music for videos, to get the ambiance you want for your travel videos.

Some of Tom’s most popular posts to date include Lost Ancient City in America, and Tom Green Visits Chaco Culture National Historical Park.

Flying the Nest

Australian couple Stephen and Jessica (plus baby Hunter) vlog on their channel about their experiences flying all over the world. Their videos are beautiful and highly informative and offer loads of very useful information on each location, including their recommendations for the best activities to enjoy while you’re there. You’ll also learn about great places to eat and stay during your visit.

These vloggers travel full-time and want their channel to be an inspiration for those who are tentatively thinking about taking their first steps into the world of adventure travel.

BackPacker Steve

BackPacker Steve is a solo traveler from Germany who has been exploring countries around the globe since 2010. This channel is perfect for those who are planning on visiting a destination and want to know the must-see sights and experiences to pack into their trip.

Steve uploads a new video every week; each one showcases stunning landscapes, local activity opportunities, and the inspiring people and places he encounters on his journeys.

Dabble and Travel

The couple behind Dabble and Travel is also known as Molly and Matt from London, UK, and they’re new on the YouTube vlogger scene – but with a rapidly rising subscriber count, they’re sure to become well-known in 2023.

These two are experts at finding the best-kept secrets in terms of travel experiences; many of their videos are focused on their travels in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and India, so if you’re considering visiting one of these destinations, then their channel is likely to be particularly useful.

In their most recent video, Molly and Matt spend 48 hours in Bangkok, exploring the street food market and the waterways and enjoying a see-it-to-believe-it fine dining experience!