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Date idea: hunt for the best pizza in town

Date idea: hunt for the best pizza in town

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The idea: enjoy a romantic night out hunting for the best pizza (or burger, steak, etc.) in town

Dating doesn’t have to be all candles and rose petals. If you and your partner are both down-to-earth foodies, you can enjoy this simple but fun idea for an unusual date night.

How to do it:

#1 Choose a type of food you both enjoy and start searching for the best places to eat it in town ( research online ratings, ask friends for recommendations, check newly opened venues…). If you’ve recently traveled to Spain, you can try to find the best Spanish restaurant and relive your trip with a meal. 

#2 You can create a strict evaluation system including several different criteria (taste, aroma, service) where each of you gives a score from 1 to 10 to every pizza/burger/steak you try. 

#3 Choose an eatery with a panoramic view for extra glamour.

#4 You can choose a particular day of the month to go on culinary adventures and turn that day into a tradition.

#5 Even if you’re abroad, you can still do this. For example, you could choose a neighborhood in Rome and try every gelato until you find the best one or collapse from consuming too much sugar.

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