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28 unusual and adventurous date ideas for travel loving couples

28 unusual and adventurous date ideas for travel loving couples

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Need ideas for a romantic date that is nothing banal and usual? Want to integrate a trip within because you are two nomads crazy in love?  You can plan experience days for couples like rally driving, sky diving, pottery lessons, or a weekend at a cooking or yoga retreat. Here you will find ideas for unusual dates that will bring both intellectual and physical thrill in your relationship. 

#1 Go far away from the city at night to gaze at the stars

City lights prevent you from seeing the sky in all its splendor. Go a few miles out of town and you will see so many more constellations. Take a blanket to lie on the ground comfortably. Download a constellation identifying app (like Sky Map, for example). Find Mars, Venus, Saturn, the Zodiac constellations.

#2 Bathe in a waterfall

Enjoy together a free shower from nature.

#3 Lost and found couples challenge

Go on a vacation with your loved one in a faraway city. Once you arrive, split up and try to find each other. The biggest question is how you will play the game: whether you will do what you usually do so that your partner can find you; or you will look for activities you think your partner will be doing? Romantic cities with compact city centers (like Vienna, Bratislava, and Amsterdam) are a good option.

Lost and found couples | Photo: Tord Sollie/Unsplash

#4 Climb a new peak and open a bottle of wine there

Hike up in the mountains and feel like deities looking over their lands. Celebrate reaching the top with a bottle of champagne and share it with your special one. This is an achievement worthy of a proper celebration!

#5 Create your own romantic travel challenge – the crazier, the better

The world is full of crazy people who fulfill their own crazy challenges. Create your own freaky idea and set to accomplishing it together. It could be anything from walking every street in your town to visiting every national park in the country or eating ice cream in front of every castle in Europe.

#6 For thrill junkies: go bungee jumping together

Sharing moments of thrill makes the bond between you stronger.

#7 Jump in the snow after taking a sauna

Spice up your spa day with something many Scandinavians do. Cooling down after a sauna is as important as heating up. It shouldn’t happen too abruptly but if you go to Finland in the winter, you’ll see people jumping into the ice-cold water of a lake or rolling in the snow after a sauna. Not that it’s strictly considered normal, but it’s not an uncommon sight, either. After this shock to your body, don’t forget to pat yourself down with the birch twigs that can be found in every Finnish sauna.

#8 A monthly date on a bench

Choose a favorite bench at a beautiful place that fills you with energy (it could be in the mountains, in a park, in a favorite town). Sit on it together every month. Take 12 photos and make a collage of them. Notice how everything around you changes and how you have changed.

Monthly date on a bench | Photo: Gary Bending/Unsplash

#9 Have a bottle of local wine with a view

“Years, lovers and glasses of wine; these things must not be counted”, said someone and we completely agree.

Not every date needs to be in a fancy restaurant. Keep this date simple and local; buy a bottle of local wine. Find a place with a view (of the sea, mountain tops, over the city) and share the bottle with your loved one. No hurrying, no talking required.

#10 Have a drink at an ice bar

Put on your snowboots and fluffy headphones and order a drink at a bar where you won’t need ice with your drink… Some of the world’s best ice bars are in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, at Hotel de Glace (Quebec, Canada), Chillout Bar (Dubai), Bar Minus 5 (New York, USA), Aurora Ice Bar (Alaska, USA), Xtracold Ice Bar (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), Ice Club Roma (Rome, Italy).

#11 The random stop date

Set out at least once on a journey with only one point on your itinerary – the starting point. Sometimes it’s good to leave things to fate. And fate always has interesting ideas about who and what to introduce you to.

Here’s a complete guide to spontaneous travel with specific ideas by car, by train, etc.

#12 Soak in a warm, open-air mineral pool while it’s snowing

Find the nearest warm, mineral pool in the open air and visit it in winter, when snowflakes are falling from the sky. Take your favorite warm drink in a thermos for pure bliss (coffee, cappuccino, tea and rum, etc.). Read the full idea here.

#13 Join a night sky watch

Find the nearest astronomical observatory and check possible dates for a night sky watch through a telescope. Some observatories host special events, such as dinners under the sky.

#14 Organize a completely free or almost free trip

There is much to say about traveling for free and you will personally feel how thrilling this can be for you as a couple. Read our How to travel for free guide and check if you use these 7 free travel tools.

#15 Celebrate a traditional holiday in a non-traditional way

Traditions are to be changed from time to time. Bring something different into your life (and that of your loved one) by turning a classical holiday upside down. It will certainly be a holiday you will remember for years to come. Here are our guides with 21 unusual Christmas travel ideas and DIY: a cheap and unusual Easter travel idea.

#16 Sunrise and a morning picnic

Get in your car and drive at night. Go to the beach or another beautiful place to watch the sunrise. Watch the sun coming up with your loved one. Have a picnic in the morning and then take a short nap on the blanket.

>>> Discover more fun and unusual picnic ideas.

Photo: ©Maria Angelova/203challenges

#17 Sign up for a crazy marathon together

What a better way to make people closer than difficulties? These crazy marathons held around the world have enough difficulties to make you lean on each other and to make you feel you’ve accomplished something really big.

#18 The slow return trip date

Choose a destination and go there as quickly as possible. But on the way back home choose the slowest possible transport and way of returning. Swap the several-hour flight for a several-day exciting road trip. Stop, change transport, take detours, postpone your arrival – even if only by five minutes. Enjoy every place, every encounter and your time together.

#19 Organize a surprise trip for your better half

The birthday boy/girl may think they have plans for the special day until you kidnap them in an unknown direction… Here’s our foolproof 30-minute guide to organizing a surprise birthday trip.

Photo: ©Maria Angelova/203challenges

#20 Get lost on purpose

Getting lost in an unknown city is the best way to find interesting things and experiences, to meet interesting people (who are rarely among the crowds of tourists) and come across unexpected treasures. Choose a random remote part of the city you are visiting and get lost together.

#21 Close your eyes, turn the map of your country three times and then point to a place

Оpen your eyes and discover your destination for next weekend. Well, if you live in Canada or the USA, you may want to take a map of the state/province or county.

#22 Go to the rooftop of a building in your own city and see the city from above

When in a foreign place, tourists are ready to pay significant amounts of money to go up the Empire State Building or other observation decks upon skyscrapers. They don’t do it in their own town, though, where the pleasure is most probably free. Even if there are no skyscrapers around, find a tall building where a friend of yours works or lives, go to its rooftop and have a drink while enjoying the view.

#23 Check into a hotel in your own city

Check into a boutique hotel, a cute guest house, a winery or spa hotel in your own city. Pick a special weekend when you will recharge your batteries not by traveling long distances, but by choosing to leave all worries aside – from what you will have for dinner to wondering whether to change the sheets or not…

#24 Go to the concert of a favorite band abroad

Tickets for a concert of your favorite band are a perfect romantic gift but they are even better if you add plane tickets to them. For music fans it’s a double win – they listen to their favorite artists live and visit new places. Check regularly the websites of your favorite bands for concert dates in countries you’d like to go to anyway.

#25 Have breakfast at home. Have lunch 200 miles away. Have dinner abroad.

One of my all-time favorites.

#26 Go to the airport and buy a ticket for the cheapest destination of the day

Go to the airport with your luggage packed. You can go together with your friends. The destination is not important. Spend the weekend there.

#27 Ski or snowboard only in your underwear

Or even without.

#28 Go skinny-dipping in the nearest lake

Just because.


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