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DIY: a cheap and unusual Easter travel idea

DIY: a cheap and unusual Easter travel idea

Demir Baba Teke – a holy place in Bulgaria for 3,000 years
Dimitrovgrad and the biggest bench in Bulgaria
Secret beaches in Bulgaria: Tyulenovo, the village of seals

The challenge: make this year’s Easter different – use the holiday to immerse yourself in nature. 

One of my favorite challenges from the book 203 Travel Challenges: Travel the World. Explore Your Inner Self is:

“Celebrate a traditional holiday in a non-traditional way”.

It’s not that I don’t like family reunions, but it’s diversity that makes life interesting. So why not escape tradition for a change and do something you like for Easter, while still keeping some of your favorite aspects of the holiday?

Here’s a quick DIY guide based on our most recent non-traditional Easter.


1 hiking destination with a place to stay for the night.

2 Easter hikers.

2 medium backpacks packed with your favorite Easter food, water, and warm clothes.

2 train tickets to your starting point.

lovely spring weather.

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  1. After arriving at your starting point, hike for almost eight hours up the mountain, stopping only for a quick food and beer recharge at an old-time mountain lodge (complete with a huge portrait of the country’s former dictator on the wall).
  2. On the way, ask yourself, breathless, at least 10 times why you had to be such a non-traditional nerd instead of organizing an egg hunt at home.

3. Reach your super-basic mountain shelter for the night. Light a fire in the fireplace and realize that it was worth all the buckets of sweat.

4. Wake up to see the sunrise on Easter morning.

5. After brewing your morning coffee on the fireplace, indulge in a fierce egg-tapping contest in the truest spirit of the holiday.

6. Take a lazy hike down to the tiny village you could see from your window and catch the train home. On the way, pick a bunch of flowers.

7. Repeat next year with a new destination.

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