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The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice

The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice

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Pure choice is the Nondual Quality of Freedom reflected through the open mind. The objectification of choice as a thing that we receive, lose, make or take is a critical misconception that sabotages both the freedom of mind and of being. Choice is not a thing that we do: it is a Nondual, experiential dimension of who we are, out of which all activity of choosing emerges. Choice is not the object of selection: it is the dimension out of which selection is possible. Choice is not the decision: it is a living energy of pure abundance and freedom that is here irrespective of decisions, during the consequences of decisions, and after the decision-maker has gone. Decisions are taken, owned or disowned. The Nondual experience of choice is always here. 

As this powerful, existential energy of choice is alive and reflects through the physical form of the human brain, the first duality to emerge is between suffering and resistance. The movement towards one or the other is mostly reflexive: choosing happens by itself. Yet our freedom of choice is literally obscured when we believe in the absolute nature of the choice taken: when we believe in suffering (pain) or the agenda of resistance (contraction). 

When belief sets in, it attempts to negate the living dimension of choice through mental structures. Belief obscures choice – the space of pure, mental freedom out of which all decisions can be experienced as fundamentally non-binding and pure. When we believe that we are the doer: that we create our thoughts (rather than receiving them), that we shape our personality, or that we are to be condemned for mistakes, the unconditional power of choice gets obscured. Yet choice is always here, and it never gets lost, regardless of the mistakes made in processes of learning and evolution. As an energy, it doesn’t depend on choosing, and is not lost through decisions taken. Rather, the choice is the source of our very ability to move in freedom


Processes of change, growth and cycles of form involve suffering. This evolution is an inevitability of manifestation. When these processes of separation of the one into the manifold accelerate, the creative force of love shows up as suffering. Pure suffering is a light so bright that it blinds the eyes. It is a physical sensation so strong, that the organs of sensory perception close. It is a love so strong that the living form of the psyche resists, contracting under the threat of disintegration. 

The more we resist suffering, attempting to exclude it from the realm of living experience, the more the belief is affirmed that suffering separates us from the whole. In doing so, the experience of suffering gains the power to obscure the one choice – to allow experience to sing its song in freedom, according to the deeper unfolding of need. 


Resistance brings its own suffering. The agenda to interfere with the greater need of evolution is ultimately powerless. An attitude of resistance creates conflict with life, with form, with the outer world and with the psyche. Resistance demands an enormous amount of vitality and rather than bringing relief, generates the Felt Sense of resistance, moment by moment. 
A natural resistance can bring the dynamics of change into the dimension of time and psychological processing through a series of integrational checks and balances on growth. Yet when this protective reflex becomes hijacked by the agenda to avoid suffering, it landslides into dimensions of ignorance. Even resistance in its naturalness is resisted, and direction gets lost in a senseless wilderness of grasping and aversion. 

Choice: Nondual Quality 

Can you rest in that bright and powerful ocean of the one choice? Not the feeling when choice is lost through choosing, but before that. Before the decision between this or that and prior to the amputation of potential – even before options are conceived. 

Choice is a dimension of freedom in manifestation. Choice is not the moment before action but stays even when actions are taken. How would it be to let the mind rest back as this one, perpetual choice? The feeling of choice; the sense of choice; being in choice; alive. This is choice: the openness, freedom, power and possibility of life; an openly streaming question to which life itself is the answer. Being choice, uninterrupted, releasing even that expectant surge of choosing. Here, we can feel the brightest pulsation of permission to be here and now, for real, without litigation: irreplaceable by any agenda. 

Many have lost connection with this Nondual Quality of choice, which is unconditional to any choosing. Yet our manifestation through the phenomena of experience utterly depends on it. Such is its power, that at first it can be hard to allow it and relax within this field of perpetual possibility. Yet each millisecond we stay connected with the living dimension of choice, irrespective of choosing, we gain greater freedom in form. The dance of duality as a blissful expression of life begins. 

Excerpt from Nondual Therapy by Georgi Y. Johnson, see more below: