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How to Pack Your Ultimate Weekend Travel Kit

How to Pack Your Ultimate Weekend Travel Kit

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Have you decided to take off for the weekend? Whether you’re going to visit your family or relax by the beach, this short trip should be an easy one to plan. After all, your weekend excursion isn’t open-ended, and you only have to pack for Friday through Sunday. 

Yet, for most, it’s not as simple as it seems on the surface. Some people will mistake packing enough items for a full week, rather than just three days. Others decide to leave behind too many items, and this can lead to an uncomfortable trip. 

For some helpful pointers, here’s how to pack your weekend travel kit. 

Check the weather forecast

Before you start preparing your bag, it’s important to look at the weather forecast for your weekend away. Okay, this isn’t a necessary step if your trip is to, for example, a city like Dubai, which is hot year-round. Yet if you visit a place with a more temperamental climate, that weather check can be the difference between you packing a parka or a swimsuit. 

Picking the right backpack

Choosing the right backpack is a key step according to the ultimate travel pack guide by CashLady. When it’s only a weekend adventure, you don’t want to be lugging around several different bags. This is why it is recommended to settle on just one backpack or a suitcase for all of your possessions. This should have ample space, be lightweight, and durable. 

It’s not just about picking the right backpack, either. Consider using packing organizers to keep all of your items, well, organized.

Raiding the wardrobe 

When picking out your clothes, you mustn’t go overboard. After all, you only require enough outfits to cover three days – you don’t have to take your entire wardrobe with you. Plus, you’re wearing one of those outfits on the first day of your trip, which means only two actually have to be packed. 

For a simple checklist for a standard weekend trip, here’s a quick list to keep in mind: 

  • Two pairs of comfortable shoes
  • Three t-shirts/casual tops
  • Two pairs of pants/shorts
  • Two pairs of underwear 
  • Two pairs of socks

Of course, you can throw in a dressier shirt, jacket, hat, or any other clothing that is deemed necessary for the trip. Plus, if it’s a formal occasion, you’ll want to swap out certain options for a dress or suit. Try and be creative with your choices. With the right items serving as a foundation, you can create multiple travel outfits with limited clothing pieces.