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River cruise: things to keep in mind before you go

River cruise: things to keep in mind before you go

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It doesn’t really matter whether you’re embarking on a Vietnam river cruise, or a smaller cruise in your vicinity, being prepared for what you are about to encounter ensures you’ll have a pleasant and memorable trip. Whether you have some dilemmas about what to pack and bring, or you are searching for few tips that might save you money, there are definitely ways to ensure you enjoy your river cruise as much as possible. And here in this article, we will point out several details that make a river cruise, so that you are aware of what to expect and how to prepare the right way.

Age Doesn’t Matter

As funny as this sounds, it’s actually very much true. When you’re embarking on a cruise, one of the things you’ll find is that the people who are traveling with you could be kids, or could be people who are enjoying their retirement – the age range is that big.

And this is one of the best things about a river cruise. You get to meet people of all ages, exchange experiences, and hang out with people who have the same interest at heart as you – traveling and enjoying the beauties of the places you visit.

You’ll Love the Service

The main difference between a massive ocean cruise line, and a river cruise, is the fact that on a river cruise, you’re looking at a vessel with no more than 200 other passengers. And unlike on a river cruise, where you might not meet the same staff member twice, on a river cruise they’ll know you by name in a few days.

And along with this, some of the more attentive crew members will even remember your preferences as far as food and drinks go, and you’ll immediately start to enjoy a service that’s as personalized as it comes. There is no shortage of stories where crew members go above and beyond to make sure everyone on the ship can enjoy the cruise to the fullest.

Free Time is Always an Option

There’s no denying that many river cruises tend to fill up your schedule and attempt to make you visit a massive city in only a few hours. Not everyone is cut out for that, and not everyone wants to do the same activities. For this reason, you do have a few options, but what if none of the options work for you?

This is why many river cruises make everything except for the port departure time completely optional. You don’t want to go on a guided walking tour? Sure, go ahead and tour on your own. You heard there’s a great place to eat, but there’s dinner on the ship? The front desk will help you book a reservation without blinking an eye.

Overpacking Beats Being Underprepared

One of the things you should always note is that when you’re on a river cruise, some things are just not available. For example, even though the staff might have an extra jacket to warm you up if you didn’t bring your own, chances are they won’t have a suit in your size for the cocktail dinner. And this isn’t too much of a problem – what if you forget medications of some kind?

For this reason, it’s always better to overpack, than to show up underprepared. Take a good look at the itinerary, and consider all the activities you’d like to attend. Make sure you’ve packed well for all of them, and you have a variety of clothes for every situation, including a spare or two here and there.

This also applies to any medication you might need. Always make sure you have extra, and keep it in a safe place – you don’t want to just assume that the staff will have the exact medication you need.

Traveling Alone is Better Than You Think

Even though traveling is arguably better with the right company, if you’re keen on traveling alone, a river cruise is the perfect trip for you. Considering the variety of people you’ll find there, chances are you’ll have someone to hang out with at pretty much any point in time. Most of the cruises have events that are made to get people to socialize, and you’ll have new friends before you know it!

And you would be surprised at how many people go on river cruises alone. It’s the cruises themselves that offer a lot of options, both in terms of amenities and excursions, that are geared towards the single travelers, and you’ll love it.

One thing to note is that not all ships will offer a single occupant cabin, and that’s something you should definitely check. If there isn’t one, you’ll need to pay for two, which could be costly. But most river cruise ships do have a single cabin, so that’s not too much of a problem, and you should be good to go. Enjoy your trip!