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5 strange laws from around the world

5 strange laws from around the world

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We live in a strange world full of weird things and some laws are not an exception. They seem odd because they may not add up to why legislators sat down and passed it. It is funny that you cannot miss having a continent with a strange law.

Among the many rules around the globe, the ones listed below are hilariously weird. You cannot miss smiling each time you read about them, their history, and the people’s reaction towards them.

Do not dare stop smiling in Milan

If you would not like to fall victim to a hefty fine, then you should keep smiling all day long in Millan, Italy. It is with the exception during funerals when attending to the sick or in hospitals. The weird part about it is how it is even possible to remain happy on your worst days. 

But because of the charges, you have no other option than to smile and be happy in the city. Unless you decide to stay locked up at home and cry, scream, and break stuff away from the face of the law. 

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It is illegal to avoid taking your dog on a walk thrice a day in Italy

Pets need tender care, love, and attention from their owners in many demanding ways. This time around, the law went too far to demand dog owners in Italy to take them for a walk three times a day. Failure to this, you end up being on the wrong side of the law and end up paying 500 euros as a fine.

In Turin, some neighbors report cruel dog owners to the police. They then carry out a thorough investigation of the crime. It is in an aim to ensure the following of the law.

Let strangers knocking on your door use your toilet in Scotland

It is never easy to let strangers in your house due to fear of theft and other safety reasons. But this Scotland law only tries to ensure the stranger relieves themselves by using your toilet when need be. It does make sense, but one should be cautious of whom they allow in their homes.

It is funny to receive a court order for failure to allow a stranger to use your toilet. Worst of all, being in police custody for it. But Scottish citizens follow this law to the latter.

Do not flush the toilet in an apartment past 10 pm in Switzerland.

Switzerland landlords have taken it upon themselves to make laws that enhance peaceful nights for their tenants. You receive fines for flushing the toilet past 10 pm in an apartment. It is illegal, and only the owners of the apartments only know the reason behind it. 

The question of how you could relieve yourself without flushing past that time still haunts the tenants. It is absurd, but you have to follow the rules.

It is against the law for Georgian chickens to cross the road

Georgia is famously known for its mass rearing of chicken that leads to its thriving in broiler production in the US. The law attempts to keep the birds under control by ensuring each owner is responsible when a chicken crosses the road. It is surprising why they decided to narrow down to crossing roads. 

The sane part is that it helps in preventing road accidents caused by these animals. Their owners cannot bear the blame for allowing them to walk through the road. Chicken owners in Gainesville, Georgia, have to stay on the lookout to avoid this.


Different countries have many laws that its citizens are yet to unravel. Taking an in-depth look at some of the rules e around the globe would leave you amazed. You question the history behind their creation. Some are funny but effective on the brighter side, while others are legal in an attempt to satisfy the needs of individual groups. Despite this, you have to follow them to the latter to avoid incurring hefty fines.