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Four Reasons Why You Should Go To Mexico On Holiday At Least Once

Four Reasons Why You Should Go To Mexico On Holiday At Least Once

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The tourism industry in Mexico is doing incredible, and it’s not a surprise considering the beauty of the country, culture, history, and landscapes. You would understand this if you have been to Mexico at least once before. 

Mexico has some of the most intriguing and popular tourist attractions in the world.  The country even ranks in the top 20 countries to visit in the world. 

Here are some fantastic reasons why you have to visit Mexico.

The Affordability

Mexico is one of the most affordable countries to visit, especially for people in bordering countries and the Western Hemisphere. Mexico is just a few minutes’ plane ride for most Americans, and this is why you can easily get a cheap international flight. 

Also, people in border states can easily get to Mexico city in just a matter of hours. Then once you are in the country, you can book a hotel even cheaper. There are so many nice things in Mexico, and they are all very affordable, from hotels to tourist destinations, and so on. In Mexico, you can be assured of top-quality amenities and services at affordable rates. 

No wonder “affordability” is one of the most cited reasons many people consider visiting Mexico.  

The Rich Mexican culture

Mexican culture is a beauty to behold, as it is one of the richest and diverse cultures in the world. The country has had several hundred years of European influence on its culture and many more years of native influence. These varied influences have created distinct and rich Spanish, American, European, and native cultures within the country. 

The country’s culture is mostly a blend of Spanish, native, European influences, and even more from around the world. 

Clay pottery, colorful baskets and rugs, mosaics, and so on are some of the most beautiful Mexican folk art that is rich in Mexican culture. 

You should expect nothing less from a culture that combines its ancient civilizations like the Aztec and Maya and even European colonization. 

Some of the most colorful and vibrant aspects of Mexican culture are Mexican wrestling: wrestling is a rich part of Mexican culture. You can easily experience “La Lucha Libre”, a popular wrestling show that’s organized every Tuesday and Thursday in the capital. 


We cannot go without mentioning Tulum in our article on the reasons why you should visit Mexico. Tulum is located on the Caribbean coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The town is popular for its beautiful beaches and for preserving Mexico’s ancient civilization, the Mayan port ruins. This is one place where you can experience the Mayan culture, food, and so on firsthand. 

Tulum is just like a paradise when you consider the beautiful blue waters, white beach sand, and the general picturesque and organic environment. You can get great ideas of where to stay in this town from as there are always so many amazing places available. Tulum offers you an exotic, luxurious, yet sustainable environment of blue water and white sands beaches. Whether you want the outdoor experience or indoor experience, Tulum has something special for you at all times. 

You can catch a glimpse of the Mexican wildlife as you visit jungles, caves or go snorkeling and swim with turtles. The Yucatan Peninsula, where Tulum is located, has the largest number of Cenotes in the world. Cenotes are underwater sinkholes, and they are typically clear blue water that can serve as magical pools for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. 

Did you know? Chocolate is native to Mexico. This goes far back to 1100 BC, where the Aztecs were the first people known to drink cocoa. You may even be able to get the original Aztec chocolate in the markets when you visit Mexico. 

The Cuisines

Mexico is one country that is known for its exquisite delicacies. Some of which have been popular around the world for a long time. You must have heard of enchiladas, tacos, tamales. If you have had any Mexican meals, then you have to agree that they are outright delicious. It only gets better when you decide to visit Mexico, as there are a lot more meals to try there. 

The street food culture in Mexico is one of the most popular around the world. Why not visit Mexico to experience the local delicacies straight from the source. You can try out the locals’ favorites like taquerias, pozoles, and so on. 

If you are a fan of spicy foods then you should add Mexico to your ” countries to visit” list, as Mexico is a haven for spicy delicacies. 

When it comes to Mexico, we can list 20 fascinating reasons for you to visit the country and still have a lot more to add. The beaches, architectural and archaeological wonders, Xcaret park, and so on are just a few of the many reasons to visit Mexico. 

Now that Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted across Mexico, measures have also been put in place to ensure safety. So you should consider booking your ticket to Mexico as the holidays are approaching.