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Living In A Van: What Is It Like?

Living In A Van: What Is It Like?

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Did you experience that feeling where you just wanted to go out, and live always on the move? Just throw away your current life and go where the road leads you? This is becoming ever more relevant as many people are sick of the lifestyle that was given to them without a choice. It is in our nature to be on the move, we are not static creatures that can live just in one place all the time.

This kind of lifestyle has been used by many throughout history. There were, and still are, nomads who travel around with no constant place to stay. Or people who live on the boat and can sail away anywhere they want. One of the more popular styles of living on the move, that most people can afford, is living in a van. Find out what this kind of life has to offer with this short insight.

It does not come without challenges

People are often obsessed with this kind of living thinking it is totally carefree and that there is nothing that you need to worry about. This kind of ideal thinking needs to be toned down a bit with some real facts. There will be things that you need to take care of and it will not always be a smooth ride.

Before you start, it is better to start out reading or watching other people’s experiences. Finding beginner guides online, as the ones that can be seen over at can help out a lot if you are starting with this alternative lifestyle. The power of the internet is very useful when it comes to doing research, as it is now easier than ever to find the pieces of information that you are looking for.


Even though sleeping comes at the end of the day, it is still important to think ahead of time about it. Sleeping is very important for many health reasons, and you need to get some good night’s rest in the van. You will need to be comfortable with the fact that where you are sleeping is going to be the place where you do everything else. Unless you have a very big van where you can have a separate room with a bed, your bed will be in the main part of your van. This is not a problem for some people, but for others, it may be a bit claustrophobic. 

Also, these kinds of beds may not be super comfortable or very big. So you will need to add some extra layers to make them softer. If you plan on sleeping in a parking lot, you will still be surrounded by other people. Only the walls of your van separate you from the outside world, even when you are sleeping. But if you are not, you will get some of the best sleeping sessions, far away from everyone, in your little moveable home. That feeling when you wake up from that kind of sleep will truly be worth it. 


Keeping good hygiene is very important when you live in a small space such as a van. Keeping your van clean may not seem like a big job, and it is not at all. You will just need to do the tidying up on a regular basis, so be sure to make that your habit. Especially if you are in a van with your pet companion, with a dog for example.

Being in a clean van does not mean that you can forget about your hygiene. Some vans can be equipped with a bathroom, but again that means extra space and more money to spend. Using public restrooms will probably be your go-to option for your basic needs. The best place to look for a shower would probably be local recreational centers. You can also put in a workout while you are there and you will be satisfied with the cleanliness that these centers often have.

These three points that were mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more things that lie in this kind of lifestyle. It was important to mention these basics as they are often forgotten when you fantasize about selling everything you have and starting anew. These problems do not have to be something to be feared.

The challenges in the small things you take for granted will serve as something important to keep in your mind. You will become a lot more grateful for these everyday basic needs once you start getting them the hard way. Your perspective of life will change, and that is the point with this kind of life.

And one more thing – when you are alone or far away from your home, you change your mind, your vision and design for life :), your priorities, and you can find new skills, and a new 3D model for all around you 😉