Traveler's Test

Got a headache? Pack your bags!

Got a headache? Pack your bags!

or Why traveling is the ultimate cure

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We challenge you: ditch your prescription and go traveling instead!

Avid globetrotters already know the benefits of travel in life. Above all, travel is healthy for your body and your mind. Next time somebody asks why you can’t settle down, just reply “For health reasons!”

Here are some scientific findings from studies published in the past couple of years:

1. Travel is like a pill. Once on the road, you immediately relax and feel relieved. Research shows that a two-day getaway is enough to lower the cortisol and stress levels in your body.

2. For all the ladies out there, keep in mind that women who travel less than twice per year have a higher risk of suffering a heart attack.

3. On the other hand, statistics show that men who don’t take all their vacation days off work suffer a 30% higher chance of heart disease!

4. Travel can take you away from pollution and the craziness of big cities, bringing you closer to nature and the essentials of life. It clears your mind and opens your horizons, while the digital detox of a vacation can inspire you and boost your creativity! Have you set out on a trip and stumbled upon a solution to a problem in your life?

To sum up, we have found the best remedy:

Travel as often as you can and stay healthy!

Have you discovered other health benefits of traveling? Share your experience with us!