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How to cram more into your suitcase

How to cram more into your suitcase

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Of course you can just take less things. But that s too easy. Here are a few tips, from “USA Today”, on how to cram more things into your suitcase – whether you have a good reason to do so, such as expecting an amplitude of atmospheric conditions, or a debatable reason, such as the desire to wear a different outfit every day.

Roll up Your Clothes

Everyone, from flight attendants to military, knows this little trick – if you roll up your clothes, instead of fold them, you will fit more into your bag. Besides, rolled up clothes wrinkle less then folded ones.

Stuff Your Shoes

Shoes take up a lot of space in your suitcase, so it is best to be smart about them – you can stuff smaller items inside your shoes. Some examples are jewelry (in a bag), neckties (rolled up and placed in a bag), or socks.

Close and Open

You have one knick-knack left and it seems like there is absolutely no space for it? Here s a trick: close your suitcase (even if you have to sit on it), then open it and look for gaps. You ll likely find them in the corners or in between larger objects.

Use Vacuum Bags

They are now sold in plenty of stores – these magical plastic bags and sacks, in which you place clothing and blankets, and then suck out all the air, with your vacuum cleaner. Yes, they really do work.

Buy an Expandable Suitcase

Well, alright, this might not be considered playing fair, but if you have a suitcase with additional zippers, which can expand with your ever-growing luggage needs, it would be your best option.