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How to plan a grand adventure – step by step

How to plan a grand adventure – step by step

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Dreaming of a big adventure but struggling to get started? Here is the guy who has all the answers!

If you have already read Alastair Humphrey’s previous book “Microadventures”, now it’s time to grow and plan your first grand adventure. Alastairs’s new book “Grand Adventures” will guide you through the process step by step.

15 years of adventure experience are more than enough to listen carefully to what Alastair says (trip around the world by bike, rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, Iceland adventure – glacier crossing and packrafting with 40 kg packs only, just to mention a few). The book also contains interviews with 100+ great world adventurers who will provide a gentle kick up your backside and show you that anything is possible once you have decided what you want.

Here’s Alastair:

“Consider this: if you saved up £20 a week for a year, you’d have £1000 which is more than enough money to cycle all the way to Japan… Dream Big, Plan Quick, Go Explore.”

This is just an example to show you how easy it could be if you just stop thinking “I don’t have enough money”. It s the same for “I don’t have enough time”, “I don’t want to go alone”…

If this is not enough, here’s what Alastair told us on how to overcome inertia and head for your first grand adventure:

– How would you describe your adventure self in three sentences?

– My adventure self is very different to my real self! My adventure self is curious, bold, willing to dice with failure. It also constantly battles against my lazy, wimpish side that wants to give up, go home, and watch football.

– How does adventure change you?

– It doesn’t change you so much as make you realise who you really are. Your strengths and weaknesses become brutally clear out in the wild when times are tough. And adventures make you realise that you are capable of more than you realise.

– Why is it so easy to dream about adventures and so hard to actually go for them?

– Because the reality is often hard work, repetitive, tedious, uncomfortable, expensive, painful and frightening! Of course, all these things are what makes it worthwhile and sweet in hindsight…

– What is the first step to overvcome inertia in life?

– To acknowledge it. Then to do something about it. That sounds obvious, but it’s actually hard yet crucial. Take the first tiny little step necessary to get yourself in motion. Then tomorrow do the next tiny little thing.

Is it necessary to be an extraordinary person to complete an adventure?

– No! Very few adventurers I know are extraordiary people! The only thing that separates the adventurers from the dreamers are the steps in the answer above…

– You have included inspiring stories of adventurers of all kinds. Is there a common thing among them?

– See above! I mean it. Beginning. Acknowdleging you are scared, lazy, poor, inexperienced etc., etc., but then getting on and beginning anyway.

– What is the one thing that you never travel without?

– A camera.

– Where is the bench with the best view in the world according to you?

– The back of the Kop at Elland Road…


5 things we liked about “Grand Adventures” by Alastair Humpreys

> The definition of Grand Adventure – it is the most life-changing, career-enhancing, personality-forging, fun adventure of your life. Have you recognized yourself in these words?

> The easy to follow step by step guide

> Plenty of ideas for adventures of all kinds (bikes, on foot, rowing, motor, water, climbing…)

> Wise words on adventures by travelers

> Enough inspiration to make you stop and acknowledge you need a change.