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Top Fun Activities That You Can Play When You Are Traveling

Top Fun Activities That You Can Play When You Are Traveling

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If you’re always stuck for ideas on what to do while traveling, you’re not alone. People would play games for entertainment on road trips or flights before smartphones, and smart electronic gadgets came. Engaging in games or fun activities can reduce the boredom of sitting for long periods waiting to arrive at your destination. Whether you’re playing in the car, in the airport, or on the plane, these games can make time fly. The activities are even more exciting when you’re traveling with a large group. To keep things fresh and exciting, it’s vital to find a wide range of activities you can do together. So, where do you start? Next time you’re traveling, consider these activities to make your traveling experience worth remembering.

Spice things up with a Golfing Activity

The truth is, there’s no best time of the day to play golf. Each hour has its pros and cons, from dawn to dusk. But, you can still add this exciting activity to your must-try activities when traveling. For instance, this guide here offers tips on how to improve your golfing skills. Suppose you want to get all scientific, then the best times to play are between 9 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., or during the evening after 4 p.m. “These are the best times to play golf as your body is physically and mentally strong. This is largely based on your sleep and alertness rhythms,” explains Darrel Drobnich, former Senior Director, Development and Government Affairs for the National Sleep Foundation.


This is a simple game which you can play with nothing more than just some paper and pencils/pens. If you have kids, have them choose their own set of numbers, say, any six numbers between 1-to-30. Next, you want to read the numbers at random as they mark them off. The first team member to cross off all their digits wins the round. Repeat this several times while alternating the caller. It’s best if the caller denotes all the numbers down and crosses them off as shouted to prevent confusion. If you have a lengthy trip – by bus or train – you can plan ahead of time and print some sheets for “car bingo.”

Learn and Practices Terms in the Local Language

If you’re traveling to a foreign country, you want to start practicing some of the basic terms before you get there. This simple activity will come in handy when you get to your destination. You don’t necessarily have to study everything, but showing small attempts will make a huge difference. Sometimes, simple phrases like hello or thank you show a lot of courtesy. Additionally, learning numbers, prices, and different currencies can help you financially. Also, learning how to express yourself using a new language could change your entire experience. This will lead to a fun and educational experience for all.

While you Were Sleeping

This is an excellent game for a sleeping passenger and fantastic for those who are awake. This game’s main concept is for the awake passengers to create the most realistic story to tell the sleeping passenger when they wake up. Next, they’ll need to try to get the sleeping passenger to believe the story once they wake up. If anyone breaks a character, they lose a point. Additionally, they lose two points if they stray from the original script. As a storyteller, if you manage to fool the sleeping passenger successfully, you earn three points. On the other hand, if the sleeping passenger fools the storytellers and joins in the story, they steal all the points.

The Movie Game!

This one is great for movie and TV enthusiasts. This is because it connects thespians and actresses’ through films they have starred in. A player will need to start the game by naming a thespian or an actress. The next player naming the cinema or TV needs to show that they are featured in it. The following player has to mention another thespian or actress from the same movie until a particular player doesn’t know the answer. Finally, the player that fails to know the answer will have to sit out the next round.


A player starts by mentioning an animal of their choice, for example, LION. The next player would have to say an animal beginning with the last letter of that animal, i.e., NEWT. The game goes on and on until someone can’t mention an animal, and they’re out.

Engaging in fun activities and playing games passes the hours and provides the needed stimulation for travelers. These activities expel backseat boredom by encouraging interaction between friends or traveling companions. Try and keep the games light, so there are no temper issues. Finally, you can tweak the rules if necessary, and feel free to include yours.